In today’s post we are going to show you the best erotic games that exist to experience new sensations with your partner and give your relationship that point of emotion that makes it more stable and lasting. If imagination is your best weapon, then you have the sexiest battlefields!

1. Quotations and interpretation of roles

Remember that episode of Modern Family where Phil and Claire play stranger dates on their anniversary? These encounters where the couple pretends that it is their first time are very exciting, since they allow us to adopt role plays and play a totally different person. As we saw in the series, staying in a hotel may be the best idea, since that way you have a bed close by and lots of corners where you can give free rein to your passion.The best erotic games to enjoy as a couple3

2. Sexting

Sexting is especially recommended for couples who live at a distance and is based on exchanging risqué messages and very hot photos to make the temperature rise. They are very morbid situations that allow you to discover the most daring side of the other person in your intimate moments.

3. Slow Sex

Slow Sex is a game that is gaining popularity in recent times and is based on turning the usual erotic relationships around, where reaching orgasm is usually the goal. In Slow Sex it is totally forbidden to ejaculate, so the preliminaries will last as long as you want, enjoying massages, masturbation and oral sex. Whoever loses also pays for dinner!

4. Spicy letters

Erotic card games are perhaps the most common and in our store you can find a wide variety of them, such as Strip Poker. The rules are very simple and in many cases you can propose them yourself, varying them according to your mood and inevitably leading to the most intense pleasure.The best erotic games to enjoy as a couple2

5. Sex without hands

How it sounds! To play does not require much preparation, you just have to tie your hands or handcuff them and from there the fun begins. How will you be dexterous with the help of your feet and lips? Will you be able to reach orgasm? It gives us that the answer to these questions can only be resolved by putting the game into practice. Let us know how it is in the comments!

6. Erotic darkness

It is undoubtedly very exciting to see your partner when you make love, but no less when eye contact is impossible and other senses such as smell, taste, hearing and of course touch come into play. Making love in complete darkness is really exciting as it allows you to focus only on the sensations and forget about the complicated positions that we often adopt to hide our love handles. When one sense is missing, the others are sharpened, so any caress, touch or whisper will be much more exciting than ever.

7. Cybersex

Indispensable for those couples who live at a distance but also very suitable to surprise your boy or girl when they are at work. Be that as it may, thanks to new technologies, distance is not an impediment to sharing a moment of sex with your loved one and you only need a webcam to enjoy the experience. You can start with a very spicy conversation, telling him what you would like to do and little by little showing parts of your body until finally each of you masturbates in front of the other.The best erotic games to enjoy as a couple5

8. Prohibited places

In the previous post we talked about the weirdest places to make love, some of them public and therefore incredibly kinky. Doing it in a forbidden place is perhaps the most exciting game that exists and you can be as romantic or transgressive as you want, recalling some moments from your youth. Do you dare or are you no longer for these things?

9. The game of mirrors

This game is very simple and provocative, it is based on placing a series of mirrors in the room where you are going to have sex in order to have a multitude of different angles from which to observe the action, which allows us to see parts of the anatomy of our couple who until then were hidden and played a little voyeurs. The ceiling mirror is perhaps the most complicated to place but the most exciting, since from this perspective we assure you that love will never be conventional again.

10. Striptease sexy

There are things that never go out of style and striptease is currently very topical. If in the past this practice was associated with rooms for boys, today it is increasingly common for both sexes to perform this risqué dance for their partner. You have to put yourself in the shoes of a sex bomb and start your dance in a sensual and spicy way. Erotic lingerie is very appropriate and remember that in our sex shop you have underwear for both girls and boys, so there are no excuses for being up to the task.

11. Spinning sexual

And finally, we are going to say goodbye to the latest fitness trend that is sweeping the world. It’s about sexual spinning, a very simple game that is based on having sex to the rhythm of music. That is to say, if in spinning you pedal according to the beats that the song marks, here each thump of the drums is an exciting penetration movement. Perfect for those who want a more constant rhythm and great fun if the couple is exchanging songs.The best erotic games to enjoy as a couple6This has been all for today, we hope that you liked the erotic games that we have shown you and that you tell us in the comments how you have done with them. Has it been very difficult to have sex without using your hands? 

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