There are thousands of nerve endings in and around the anus that can give you maximum pleasure. Most of these endings are concentrated around the initial and external part of the rectum. It does not matter if it is your first time or if you have already tried it before, in any case, it is essential to prepare for anal sex because, as you probably already know, this area does not lubricate by itself and it is essential to promote proper dilation.

To help you get started, make sure you are free of tension. Since the anal canal is very tight, the muscle has to be relaxed to allow anything to pass through it. And how to achieve it? Well, very simple, stimulating it to the fullest!: massages, caresses, playing with your fingers and even with your mouth (and there is a lot of pleasure in a good “rimming”). The options are many and in our article How to stimulate the anus we share the best ideas to increase excitement to the maximum and guarantee enjoyment.

Once the area is relaxed, have your partner start by inserting a finger or a thin sex toy to familiarize yourself with the sensation, then gradually progress until you move on to penetration.

Always use lubricant

Unlike the vagina, the anus cannot naturally self-lubricate and therefore you will need to apply an intimate lubricant to make anal sex as pleasurable as possible. There are many alternatives, and in the case of Durex all our lubricants are suitable for anal sex, but if we have to make a special recommendation, then we invite you to try Durex Perfect Connection lubricant, made with a silicone base for lubrication that does not it dries easily and is longer lasting than water-based lubricants, which is very important for anal sex.

If during anal penetration the area dries up and is not lubricated again, discomfort or tears may occur in the area. Therefore, if you have to take several breaks to lubricate the area again, do not worry, since by doing this you make sure that everything is going well. 

Protect yourself

The greatest risk of anal sex is the transmission of sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or HIV. Any infection that you can get vaginally or orally can also enter through the anus. Since anal tissue is incapable of producing lubrication, small tears are more likely to occur during sex, allowing bacteria to enter your body more easily.

To help reduce the chance of getting an STI while enjoying yourself, it’s a good idea to always use a condom. Remember that the condom is the only contraceptive method that can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

But can the condom break during anal sex? The anus is much narrower than the vagina and it doesn’t lubricate, so it’s normal for you to wonder if putting on a condom doesn’t run the risk of it ending up breaking in the middle of the job. The first thing you should know is that condoms are more resistant than you think and that, as long as they are suitable for anal sex and are used correctly and with good lubrication, there does not have to be more risks than there are. , for example, during vaginal penetration. Understanding why condoms break and avoiding situations that can wear down the material or make it easier to break is just as important.  

As in the case of lubricants, all of our condoms can also be used for anal sex, but Durex Perfect Connection condoms are our specially developed alternative for anal penetration, as they are designed with extra thickness and silicone-based extra-lubrication. , providing greater security and longer lasting lubrication.

Watch what you eat before having anal sex

Although it may seem surprising, what you eat can influence the pleasure you receive during an anal encounter. Fiber is basic to promote intestinal transit, helping you to have frequent bowel movements.

If you don’t have enough fiber in your diet, you may have difficulty going to the bathroom, which can cause muscle tension and discomfort in the area that will prevent you from enjoying good anal sex. Introduce fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, into your daily diet to avoid this type of discomfort and be as ready as possible at the time of penetration.

Be careful with changing from anal to vaginal penetration

In the case of both sex between a boy and a girl and encounters between girls, it is important that when you experiment with anal sex you do not pass from the anus to the vagina without taking certain measures, because fecal residues may remain in the rectum and, when entering in contact with the vaginal mucosa, they can lead to an infection.

If you decide to conclude the encounter with vaginal penetration, it is essential to remove the condom from the penis that you have previously used and place a new one. In the event that you have decided to do it without protection (something that is not recommended), he should wash his penis well before penetrating vaginally. For girls who use anal sex toys, it is also important that if you are going to use the same, you wash the toy well before proceeding to vaginal penetration.

Now you have at hand what you need to know to have good anal sex. Go little by little, enjoy the sensations without haste, stimulate the area a lot and get ready for a very pleasant experience in which taboos stay out of bed.

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