A new scientific study has concluded that Bella Hadid is the most beautiful woman in the world. Beyond the obvious that her name is Bella, and that we all already know that she is a beautiful and talented model, there are also scientific indicators that confirm that she is the most beautiful woman among all the women who inhabit this planet. So much so?

It was the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi  — the golden ratio of beauty phi  — that ruled. This study says that the proportion in question measures physical perfection according to the concept of beauty of Ancient Greece. The procedure – carried out using a computerized mapping system – showed that the youngest of the Hadid sisters is the woman who has been closest to 100%. 

Surgeon Julián de Silva studied the position and shape of the model’s eyes, lips, jaw, nose, face shape and eyebrows, obtaining a 94.35%. The surprising thing is that even though she looks a lot like her sister Gigi, the model is also not listed among the 10 most beautiful women in the world.

This top 10 is undoubtedly made up of gorgeous women. The second position is held by Beyoncé , with 92.44%, followed by Amber Heard with 91.85%, then Ariana Grande with 91.81%) and Taylor Swift  in fifth position with 91.64%. Kate Moss is in sixth place with 91.05%, Scarlett Johansson in seventh position with 90.91%, followed by Natalie Portman with 90.51%. Katy Perry is in penultimate place with 90.08% and Cara Delevingne is in tenth place with 89.99% .

There is no doubt that the Greeks would be pleased with the results, but is the beauty of these women completely natural or has any of them given a little help in the operating room? It is precisely the doubt that several users have who commented on the results shared by Dr. de Silva on their social networks. What do you think?

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