For many women, a natural sensation during sex is crucial to climax, but protection must also be considered. How do you get both when choosing a condom? Gone are the days of waiting for your partner to pull any condom out of his bag, now women take the lead when it comes to finding a condom that fits them.

Choosing a condom may seem like a simple task, but there is a lot to consider, after all every woman is different and every vagina is unique.

For some, it may be necessary to use a non-latex condom, and others prefer an extra thin condom for that natural skin-on-skin feel.

For other women, however, the most important thing may be the lubricant in order to have a smoother and more pleasant encounter. Our Durex Naturals condom, for example, can make all the difference when it comes to having an orgasm.

Are you looking for the ideal condom to achieve satisfying sex? Here’s our guide to the best condoms for women.

Why use the condom?

It is not only a contraceptive method with a wide variety of options so that you can enjoy safer and more pleasant sex: extra fine, lubricated, with dots and grooves, flavors, among others. In addition, it is a very effective method to prevent unwanted pregnancies, with 98% effectiveness if used correctly (1) and the only contraceptive method that helps prevent sexually transmitted diseases, with between 80 and 90% effectiveness.

Despite this, some people still think that condoms are difficult to use or that they have the ability to affect the enjoyment of sex.  

Condoms are not only easy to use (check out our article which side do I put the condom on if you have any questions), but choosing the right one can contribute to greater sexual pleasure. But what is the best alternative for girls?

What are the best condoms for her?

Women’s needs and preferences vary enormously when it comes to sex, and this is also true when it comes to condoms.

Condoms do not have to be an impediment to enjoying sex, there are several condoms that are thin enough for the woman to feel the profile of the man’s penis and enjoy the closeness that a natural experience offers.

For those who want a natural sensation during sex while ensuring a certain level of safety, the key is to find a condom that fits both partners and allows both of you to focus on what matters: you and the closeness between the two.

The best condoms are, of course, those that have been manufactured to the highest quality and rigorously tested to be reliable. However, there are other things to take into account that could favor your sexual experience, here is what to take into account to get the most out of your condoms:

Best condoms for a natural feeling

For those looking for a condom that offers protection and also helps maintain a natural feel, the Durex Naturals condom is the perfect choice.

Although it is the man who wears it, the Naturals range is designed with her in mind. That’s why these condoms are coated in a water-based lubricant with 98% naturally derived ingredients for a naturally smooth feel, providing an intimate experience with your partner.

For many, sex is better with lube, so choosing a lubricated condom can be a great way to promote safety and enjoyment. If you’re looking for extra smoothness during sex, Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated condoms are another great option for women. And since we have plenty of alternatives, another great option is Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive, Durex’s thinnest condom, which provides an intimate sensation incredibly close to skin-to-skin contact.

The Durex Real Feel condom could be another great option, not only does it provide an amazing natural skin-on-skin feel, it’s also latex-free for those with latex sensitivities.

Stimulant condoms for women

Although a natural sensation can often give you the pleasure you want, sometimes it takes extra enjoyment or stimulation, which is why these types of alternatives are a must on the list of the best condoms for women. In this case, dotted and ribbed condoms can offer additional fun.

This type of condom has different textures to offer that extra friction and stimulation inside the vagina. And if you are looking for something a little more intense, then be sure to try Durex Intense Orgasmic, which in addition to its points and stretch marks has a stimulating gel for sensations of heat, coolness or tingling.

The best options for oral sex

Oral sex can be a lot of fun for both of you and using a condom during this act is essential to prevent the spread of STDs that can be transmitted through fellatio.

Durex Naturals condom, with its slim profile and lubrication, provides the most natural feeling possible for men and women. For those who prefer a more playful and fun experience when engaging in oral sex, flavored condoms can add an extra touch of excitement.

Sex is a natural desire, so it is completely normal that we want to feel it that way, however, we cannot leave protection aside, so it is advisable to always have your favorite condom on hand to make the experience pleasant. fun and safer.

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