What will be special about sexual and erection problems at age 50? Today we will solve it, with realism and optimism: changing habits and resorting to an adequate treatment, you will enter the next decade with strength: sex at 60 exists!

When the man enters the fifth decade of his life, there are countless situations that can trigger Erectile Dysfunction or Erection Problems at age 50.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction at 50 years old

Among the main causes of ED problems at age 50, we can highlight the following:

  1. – Low endogenous testosterone production, causing a syndrome called Andropause or Low Testosterone Production Syndrome .
  2. – Normally it takes many years of living with the same partner making sexual relations can become monotonous and even boring.
  3. – Cardiovascular diseases make their appearance. Like Arterial Hypertension , increased blood cholesterol levels, alterations in the coronary arteries, forcing to take medications that work at the level of all the arteries, causing Erectile Dysfunction at 50.
  4. – Many men over the age of 50 go through difficult periods in their work or professional life , requiring medications such as antidepressants, anxiolytics, sleeping pills and others to alleviate emotional disturbances.
  5. – At these ages, fat is deposited in the abdominal periphery, increasing the volume of the belly and altering the physical condition .
  6. – A large majority of men at age 50 no longer perform physical activity regularly enough to maintain good physical and circulatory health.
  7. – The partners of men at 50 are generally the same age or close, with which they can also perceive a decrease in sexual appetite , causing the frequency of sexual relations to be spaced, further conditioning the appearance of Erectile Dysfunction or Problems of Erection at 50.
  8. – Normally, men over 50 eat away from home every day for work reasons, making it difficult to eat a balanced and healthy meal.

The list, as you can see, is long, although we have not mentioned all of them.

Real cases of erection problems at 50

At Men Solutions we have a very large percentage of patients who are around 50 years of age and who complain of Erectile Dysfunction. The causes are often as described above.

Less frequently we will find Erectile Dysfunction due to venous leakage, which usually occurs in the vast majority of cases, before the age of 40.

How to improve erection at 50 years old

For effective results for no erection at 50 , we usually recommend cutting edge 50 erectile dysfunction treatments such as:

  • Shock waves
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • High intensity laser

In addition to the treatment, we usually recommend a list of behaviors that will greatly help the recovery of erectile function , which we will describe. Discover how to improve your erection at age 50 by adopting new habits.

  1. – Weight loss: It is very important that being overweight is corrected, since the more kilos on top, the better irrigation the male genital tract will have, further improving erections.
  2. – Balanced diet daily, introducing fruits and vegetables, nuts, oily fish. As we know, obesity and Erectile Dysfunction are strongly related.
  3. – Elimination of harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, drug intake, both legal and illegal.
  4. – Try to cope with day to day without the need to consume antidepressants, or sleep inducers such as benzodiazepines and the like. Since, these can in most cases, aggravate Erectile Dysfunction at age 50 .
  5. – Play sports frequently, several times a week. This will improve the circulation and oxygenation of all the cells of our body, helping in the treatments indicated by our urologists and andrologists at Men Solutions.
  6. – Speak clearly, directly and gently with your partner. Both should be aware that the relationship must be revitalized, introducing new practices in which both agree, thus improving the sexual experience.
  7. – If the patient is Diabetic, we will have to coordinate with the endocrinologist in order to improve their blood glucose.

I am 50 years old and have erection problems: what do I do?

So, you are in the 5th decade of your life and you have realized that:

  • Your erections are not what they used to be
  • That you cannot enjoy your sexuality as you would like.
  • That the morning or night erections have begun to disappear.

It is almost certain that you are presenting lack of erection at the age of 50

Men Solutions is the clinic specialized in treatments and solutions for erectile dysfunction. we will make you:

  • A complete medical history.
  • Comprehensive physical exam.
  • Urological ultrasound.
  • Emotional counselling.
  • We will suggest the treatment plan that you really need.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and treatment with maximum discretion.
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