You never thought that Jason Momoa himself could be in your bed, with you… You don’t really know how it all happened, how it got there… or why the hell he’s wearing your grandmother’s apron.

And, of course, you don’t know… because you’re dreaming! Erotic dreams make us think and question why, but also, and that’s for sure, they make us feel a lot of pleasure .

There are those who spend moments of real pleasure -oneiric- with Aquaman, but also who slip into neighbors, friends or scenes or actions that they would never want to do in real life. We can have true orgasms while sleeping, although sometimes when we wake up, we are stunned with what we dreamed of.

we dream. Human beings dream when we sleep. Forever. What happens is that sometimes we don’t remember the dream, but our brain has been “making the movie”, whether you remember it or not.

Sometimes we dream of totally surreal scenes worthy of a crazy -and stupefying- night by David Lynch. On other occasions we have “very twenty hard” dreams: low production budget, few actors and a script written by your 5-year-old nephew.

Then there are the nightmares. On the one hand we have the good terror, the ones of waking up with your heart beating out of your chest and with more fear than when you try on last year’s swimsuit and see that at knee height it is already beginning to squeeze.

On the other hand, there are emotional nightmares : your boyfriend suddenly tells you that he doesn’t love you, that he’s with someone else and ignores you despite your pleas (if you’ve dreamed of this, don’t worry, you’re not the only one).

And finally, oh, wonder, erotic dreams : real pleasure without moving from… well, without moving at all, actually.

Why do we have erotic dreams?

The brain is working all the time (although there are times when, in the unrelenting heat of August, you think it has melted down), and it also works while we sleep.

Dreams have a physiological function , it is a way of “removing the garbage” from the brain, of ordering what is processed during the day (during the immediately preceding days), and they are super important for, for example, memory.

Taking into account that human beings are sexual beings, it is not surprising that, in addition to the Annabelle doll wanting to make sushi with you, you dream of erotic content.

Now we have more erotic dreams than before

A recent study from the University of Freiburg, Germany, and published in the Journal Psychology & Sexuality reveals that today women between the ages of 16 and 30 have three times more erotic dreams than 50 years ago.

The reason? Female sexuality has been absolutely repressed, silenced and hidden, both at a social level and at an individual level: we couldn’t afford certain things.

If we don’t think about sex our desire diminishes. If we do not think about sex it is difficult to dream about sex . If we can’t talk about sex, I’ll hardly tell you that I’ve had an erotic dream.

That is to say, not only was one dreaming less, it is that if one dreamed, it was not counted.

Today there are many women who have taken control of their sexuality, who have explored their body and their pleasure, who are awake to sex… even while they sleep.

This study establishes that, among the participating women, erotic dreams accounted for 22% of the total dreams detected.

In the case of men the percentage was 25%. The difference between genders is, therefore, insignificant and much less than that found in previous studies, a situation that those responsible for this study attribute to what we mentioned before: the change in the sexual model of women, the strength of feminism, etc.

A study carried out in 2007, however, indicates that only 8% of our dreams are of X content.

What do they mean

Dreams can tell you that there are certain things that you want to do and that perhaps while awake and conscious you have not dared to assume. But they can also be an accumulation of coincidences, a short-paste of your brain, to which you should not pay more attention or look for hidden or secret meanings.

The brain elaborates dreams with what has been perceived (whether conscious or not) during the last 48 hours. If you feel like having sex because you haven’t had it for a long time, your brain may think that it’s a good idea to have a “hot” session, and to do so it takes elements from what it finds in your close memories.

An orgasm is an orgasm, awake or asleep

Erotic dreams can culminate in a stupendous and wonderful orgasm. Enjoy it!

There’s no better way to wake up from a nap than by having an orgasm, right? Unless you were sleeping on the sofa in the living room of your parents’ house… while they were there.

In this case, your head will be more focused on trying to decipher from your parents’ faces if you have made little noises during your sleep than on enjoying the aftertaste of that unexpected orgasm.What comes to show us that having orgasms only with a dream is that it is the brain and not our genitals, the most powerful organ when it comes to sex .

And now that you know, now that you’ve tasted and enjoyed it, why not have more? If you want more “wet” dreams , it’s best to think about sex during the day, and think about it a bit before going to sleep.

You may be lucky and your brain will give you an X projection or it may not, but hey, meanwhile you’ve been thinking about sex, and that always feels good.

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