I’ve been following your articles for a long time and I think maybe you could help me. I feel like I just didn’t enjoy sex.

I don’t think it’s due to any blockage or emotional discomfort, but the truth is that it’s hard for me to lubricate, to reach orgasm, sometimes I’m even too lazy to start, as if I were tired all the time. It ends up frustrating me because I want sex to be a cool part of my life, but lately it seems more of an obligation and a source of problems. I can’t stop thinking about why I feel this way. I must admit that I don’t take care of myself too much, I eat poorly, I work a lot and I have a lot of stress. I hope you can give me some idea that will help me. Thank you very much for reading me and I hope you can publish it.


Habits and practices

How to take care of your sexual well-being

What should be the frequency of sex?

A satisfactory sexual life is an incentive for our vital happiness.

Surely you always find articles or writings on how to take care of your body, your diet, etc. but rarely do they explain how to take care of your sexuality. Returning from the holidays is a very good time to set goals for the new “course” so I am going to expose you a series of habits that will help your sexuality. 

In addition, returning to the routine, the obligations and the change of time make up a cocktail that is quite hard to overcome. So perhaps encouraging sex can be a very good incentive to take everything with more joy and optimism.

Do you love your partner but sex does not flow? This is what you can do

One of the main recommendations is to sleep well. It is essential for our body to be prepared and have energy to hold a meeting. I’m not talking about sleeping the eight hours recommended by doctors (which would be perfect if you can), but at least sleeping for a few hours without interruptions, deepening sleep, in a good bed, without too much noise or light.

Sometimes it is also difficult to fall asleep if you have been active for a while or have had too many stimuli such as watching a series of action, listening to music that activates and wakes you up, or playing sports. You can delve into knowing how to improve your sleep by reading about sleep hygiene, important for sleep to become synonymous with a good rest.

These five habits could be eroding your relationship without you realizing it

7 practices to improve your sexual well-being

The pillow and mattress are key to getting a restful sleep.

1.The dream

Promotes rest

The lack of rest is reflected in sexual difficulties, especially in the stage of excitement. Your body is exhausted and that means that it is difficult for it to activate the sexual part, generating erection problems in the case of men and lubrication problems in the case of women. So if you identify with these symptoms, one of the factors may be a lack of restful sleep.Horizontal

2. Anxiety

Manage stress

When you suffer from stress, your body secretes cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for preparing the body to run. The problem is that in today’s society, what causes us stress does not allow us to solve it by running, therefore, we store it and this cortisol blocks the sex hormones, makes the body only do the basic functions, and therefore sex seems not one of them. Find moments for yourself that allow you to relax, get rid of anxiety and connect with your body.Athlete jumping over a wall.  Free running parkour - Stock photo

3. Sport

Do some exercise

The body is our machine to feel so it is important to take care of it. If you work your heart out by exercising it will also be more prepared to keep up in bed. It will allow you not to exhaust yourself to the minimum and enjoy the process in a more relaxed way. Also, if you have a partner and you exercise with them, you will both enjoy the endorphins that are released and that help arousal and provoke desire.Horizontal

4. Addictions

Avoid smoking

Cigarettes have always been associated with the post-sexual encounter moment, but the truth is that there is nothing good about it. Tobacco is a vasoconstrictor that affects the veins, especially in the case of men and their members, causing difficulties in maintaining an erection or reducing its hardness.'L'OR Espresso coffee beans are of very high quality. Almost 60% of world coffee production comes from Arabica beans and 40% from Robusta

5. Habits

Regulates the doses of alcohol and caffeine

Caffeine is also a vasoconstrictor. Therefore, you have to watch the amount you ingest, and alcohol, although it may not seem like it, is a depressant drug. Perhaps you think that at first it helps you to lose your inhibitions, but after hours it will make you exhausted and this state is not very conducive to a sexual encounter. So it’s perfect to enjoy these pleasant drinks, but always in moderation.The de-escalation activates healthy and local food

6. Feeding 

Have a healthy diet

There are foods that favor your intimate life. I’m not talking about aphrodisiacs -seafood, chocolate and other products-, but for example pumpkin seeds, avocado, honey or spinach. These products make you want sex more, so I recommend you write them down on your shopping list to have them available in your fridge. The body needs a series of essential nutrients to achieve a balanced metabolism and be in top shape, and the foods that I have indicated provide that necessary dose. Now it’s your turn to look for recipes to incorporate them.Horizontal

7.The place

Spaces to connect with your sexuality

And as a last piece of advice, look for spaces to connect with your own sexuality, work desire, imagination, knowledge of your own body is essential to later be able to share it with pleasure and safety.

Do you have any doubt?

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