If we talk about female pleasure, it is clear that, yes or yes, we have to know the clitoris. Whether you masturbate or have sex with your partner, knowing how to stimulate the clitoris well makes a big difference when it comes to triggering pleasure. The first thing is to start by being clear about where this small organ is located whose only function is, precisely, pleasure. Next, we tell you what you should know about how to stimulate the clitoris.

Where is the clitoris and why is it so important in female pleasure?

If you want to know how to excite a woman, learn that the clitoris is an organ designed for pleasure. It is its only function and, therefore, it is full of nerve endings, which is what makes it so sensitive. That is why his stimulation of her triggers arousal, but you have to know how to play it well, since a very strong or very direct manipulation could even have the opposite effect, being able to cause discomfort.

In addition, each woman will have her own tastes and preferences when it comes to stimulating her clitoris. It is not a button that works turning on and off, nor is it a point. On the outside you can see a small hood, which is just the glans of the clitoris, but internally it extends much more. As if that were not enough, when the woman is aroused, the clitoris fills with blood, becomes erect and increases its size even more. It is located at the top, where the lips of the vulva meet.

The characteristics of the clitoris that we have explained make clear its importance for female pleasure and to achieve orgasm.

Tips to stimulate the clitoris and reach orgasm

Do you want to know what to do to stimulate the clitoris? Here we share some recommendations, but remember that each woman has her tastes and that the most important thing to reach the climax is to learn to discover them, either through masturbation or during foreplay. There is no one instruction manual the same for all. Experiment!


They are all those practices, such as caresses, kisses, masturbation or oral sex, that you can do before reaching penetration, including the use of sex toys. Instead of going directly to stimulate the clitoris, it may be more exciting to go to other areas of the body until the atmosphere is warmed up. Afterwards, direct attention can be devoted to the clitoris.

Touch clit

The clitoris is very sensitive, so the intensity of contact is very personal and each woman will have her preferences. Some want intense contact, while others will prefer gentle caresses and not directly on the glans, which is extremely sensitive. It can also be successful to change the pace. If you are masturbating, try what gives you the most pleasure, start soft and increase the intensity depending on whether you are enjoying it or not.

If what you want is to know how to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, tell him or ask him what he likes or start stimulating with your fingers. You can start the stimulation gently, making circles around the glans clitoris. Gentle stroking with the fingertips can also be very arousing. Another option is to put the whole hand and move it from one side to the other.

Oral sex

But the clitoris can not only be touched with the hand, manipulation can also be done with the tongue and the whole mouth. You just have to try. Oral sex can be very pleasurable if it’s done the way we like it, but if you don’t know where to start, in our article How to give him oral sex, we give you some tips to become a professional.

You can also help yourself with a flavored lubricant, such as Durex Strawberry or Durex Cherry. They are water-based lubricants, compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms, sugar-free and with a very soft and light texture, as well as a flavor and aroma that make them very appetizing and give a spicy touch to your oral sex You can also use them for vaginal and anal sex if that is the case. Just choose between strawberry or cherry and enjoy. The lubricant facilitates friction and avoids discomfort that could arise if there is excessive friction. And if what you want is to add a plus to the relationship with your partner, you may also be interested in the Durex Intense lubricant , which is a stimulating gel which is specially designed to intensify the female orgasm. It is used by putting a couple of drops on the clitoris during foreplay and what it does is a hot, cold or tingling effect, increasing the sensitivity in your genitals and, consequently, triggering the pleasure and intensity of the orgasm.

Sexual positions that stimulate the clitoris

There are some positions that you can resort to if what you want is to increase the stimulation of the clitoris during penetration. They improve friction and therefore make it easier to reach orgasm. We review them, although there are many others in which it is also possible to stimulate the clitoris with the hand.

She up

In the best style of the cowgirl or the Amazon. It is convenient to prove that she sits on top of her. This way you can control penetration and notice how friction on the clitoris increases, also increasing excitement and pleasure.


The traditional missionary position, in which the person who penetrates lies on top, can be another good way to stimulate the clitoris. It helps to make circular movements over the area when starting penetration.

Reverse cowgirl

In this position, she also sits on her partner, but with her back to him. It’s a good way to control penetration and, also, as her body goes up or down, you can regulate clitoral stimulation.


It is about lying on your side with the person who enters from behind. Not only the angle of penetration can favor contact with the clitoris, but both people can stimulate it with their hands.


On the bridge you have to lie on your back and raise your hips. The other person is the one who will hold your buttocks to be able to penetrate you. Again, it is the angle of penetration that favors better clitoral stimulation.

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