When you know what you like in bed, the natural thing is that you share it with your partner. It seems simple, but it is very likely that you have seen yourself in the situation that when you are fully in the moment, you want to say something and you do not dare or do not know exactly how to express yourself. If you want to discover the best way to communicate in bed, keep reading, because below we will give you some tips to answer your question about “How to tell her what I like in bed?”.

How to tell a woman what I like in sex

When it comes to sexual pleasure there is no taboo subject. Leave out the shame and dare to enjoy! Follow these tips and learn to tell him everything you want during sex so that both of you can have more exciting encounters:

Learn to use the language also to communicate

The tongue is not only used to kiss or to have good oral sex, it is also used to speak and ask for what we want. Express yourself in a direct way, that is, be clear, but be tactful and don’t be abrupt, always focus on what you like about everything that makes you instead of what you didn’t like. You can also give directions on the go. You don’t even need to use words, with a moan of pleasure you are already giving him a lot of information.

Sexual games

You can take advantage of different games to tell him what you like most in bed in a natural way. Role-playing where you each play a role, dressing up, or just talking a little risque can help you create an environment where it’s much easier to ask him what he wants in bed.

Also, you can use some products that help you give sex a spin and make the experience fun and exciting. For example, encourage him or her to give you oral sex using a flavored lubricant, such as Durex Strawberry. It is a water-based lubricant, very light, smooth, sugar-free and compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms. In addition to oral sex, you can also use it for vaginal and anal sex.

If you prefer penetration, you can try a different one with Durex heat lubricant, which contains an ingredient that heats up when in contact with the body, giving you an exciting hot sensation, triggering your pleasure by increasing sensitivity.

Unleash your fantasies!

Imagination is another important point to increase your arousal and get better sex. Do not stay alone with what you are doing, tell your girl your fantasies so that you can experience them together, evolve in sex and advance in your relationship. Do not keep quiet about what you would like to try and get out of the routine!

And how do I tell her what I don’t like in bed?

Now that you know how to tell my partner what I like in bed, it is equally important that you are able to express what you don’t like. Also, you must do it clearly and delicately. It is not about offending anyone, but about understanding each other and improving the experience together.

Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like it

There may be something during sex that your girl does that you don’t like. It’s not a bad thing to tell them, on the contrary, remember that talking about your tastes will improve your experience. Just say it in a polite way and always focusing on what she does that you do like, for example she “she turns me on much more when you give me oral sex in a X way”. Surely he takes the compliment well and, incidentally, begins to do what you enjoy more often.

Give him options

Along the lines of what we have just discussed, also tell her what you would like to try with her so that she is not left alone with your negative opinion or with the idea that it is not possible to improve. Also, listen to her. Perhaps she is also encouraged to tell you her feelings, which can greatly improve your sex. Have an open mind.

Put yourself in his place

At your comment, she may become defensive or even react badly. She has patience and understanding and treat her as you would like to be treated. She calmly explains to you again.

Finally, remember that in addition to thinking about “how to tell her what I want in sex?”, you must also think about your safety and health. Therefore, do not forget to put on the condom. Not only as an effective contraceptive, with 98% efficacy in preventing an unwanted pregnancy, but it is the only contraceptive capable of reducing the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) with an 80-90 % effectiveness if you use it correctly and from the beginning to the end of the relationship.

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