If you hear the word “sex” you probably think only of pleasure. And you do well! But don’t forget that sex is also a great way for you to get to know your own body and learn what turns you on, what you don’t like, or what you want to try or explore further. Once you know your preferences, there shouldn’t be any problem telling your partner about them… But isn’t it always easy?

Although it may not be easy, you should know that good communication in bed will make you enjoy yourself even more. If you ask yourself « how to tell my boy what I like in bed?», keep reading, because in this article we explain how you can talk to your partner about your sexual preferences.

How to tell a man what you like in sex

To communicate with your partner in bed, the first thing is to dare to lose shame. There is no taboo subject! So how do I tell my partner what I like in bed? Read our advice and don’t keep quiet, remember that, being in a couple, sex is a matter of two and that you both have to enjoy it.

Be clear

It is best to go straight to the point from the beginning of the relationship. Don’t think too much about it, express what you want without leaving room for mistakes. This does not mean that you have to be abrupt, explain yourself tactfully. For example, instead of telling him that he’s doing something wrong, help him improve by giving him directions on how you’d like. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never compare your partner with anyone, when you talk about what you like, always focus on yourself and never on what another person has done to you in the past.  

Use the tongue also to speak

You don’t have to sit down with your partner to talk about your sexual preferences . During the relationship you can tell him what you like, what you would like him to try… You can even do it with moans or guiding him directly with your hand. You will see that talking about sex is very exciting. Ask him what you like. He will love to please you!


Just as you should talk about your tastes in bed, it is positive that you ask your partner about theirs. Take an interest in what he wants and you will see that communication will be exciting for both of you.

Sexual fantasies

In addition to thinking about “how to tell a man what I like in sex”, you can tell him what you would like to explore or try. In other words, what can be your fantasies in bed. It is a way to expand your sexual life, change the routine and have new experiences.

You can bet on role playing, the use of sex toys or much simpler alternatives, but equally pleasurable, such as exploring intimate lubricants, which are products that help achieve smoother and more pleasant sex. In the range of Durex lubricants you can find the classic lubricants, but also others with flavors or with hot and cold effects that add a plus to your intimate relationships.

And how do I tell him what I don’t like in bed?

If you were embarrassed to tell your partner what you like best in bed, it’s likely that you’ll find it even more difficult to tell them what you’d rather not do. It is important that you do it to fully enjoy sex. Say it tactfully, without being abrupt, but directly and clearly. Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips:

It’s not bad to say no

First of all, be clear that you are not doing anything wrong if you talk about what you don’t like. Remember that you both have to like sex, if something doesn’t convince you or doesn’t make you feel comfortable, say so. Surely you find other ways to enjoy both, which is what it is about.

One of lime and one of sand

Saying that you don’t like something can be somewhat uncomfortable. If this is your case, try to comment first on what you did love and then present the less good as an opportunity to improve. You can even offer options of what you’d like to do, try, or how you’d like.

Be concrete

Before you speak, be clear about what exactly you don’t like, so that you don’t give the impression that you are dissatisfied with everything and there is no way to improve the situation. Remember that if you point out a specific detail it will be much easier for your partner to work on it.

Always focus on positive

It may happen that your partner does not take your words well, so it is best to try to put yourself in their place from the beginning and explain it delicately, always focusing on something positive because for both of you to enjoy sex to the fullest it is also good to know what What do you each like the most?

Do not turn this conversation into something very negative or too serious, expressing your preferences should be something natural, just as you say that you do not like something to eat, you can also say that in sex you prefer one thing to the other. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, but always do it in a positive way!

Finally, remember that pleasure is important, but so is taking care of your health. To avoid scares, always use a condom in your relationships. It is an effective contraceptive method, with up to 98% efficacy in preventing unwanted pregnancies, and, in addition, it is the only contraceptive that reduces the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), with an effectiveness of between 80-90%, as long as you use it well and throughout the relationship.

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