Hello, I have been with my partner for 15 years, we love each other very much and as a couple we are very close and at one with each other, but the sexual part fails us.

After so long we are falling into routine and monotony, and we are afraid that this lack of spark will end up affecting the relationship. What things could we practice or do to improve and feel connected again? Thank you very much in advance. Greetings.

We live in a moment of sexual revolution . Men and women are being encouraged to experiment with new sexual practices , stimulated among other things by the rise of erotic literature .HorizontalBooks like Fifty Shades of Gray have broken taboos and encouraged many couples to experiment with new sexual practices.

This phenomenon also occurs because women have begun to disinhibit themselves from sexual taboos, get to know their bodies better and take advantage of their erotic capacity. It is for this reason that things that were previously unthinkable , that were considered prohibited, dangerous or extravagant, are now part of the erotic games of millions of couples in different parts of the world and of different sexual orientations.

However, dependence on a particular sexual stimulus is not healthy. It is important that each couple find, within the framework of their own limits , what they consider will give them sexual pleasure .

1. ‘Bondage’: Bonded


Immobilizing the couple by tying them up is one of the most popular erotic games.

Bondage is probably the best known erotic practice and perhaps the most practiced among couples. It is about immobilizing the couple by tying them with ropes, tapes, bandages, handcuffs or whatever else they can think of. The ties can be made on a part or on the entire body.

These types of practices must be carried out with care , if you do not want to have uncomfortable sexual emergencies, such as obvious marks , burns from inexperience, or perhaps overexcitement.

2. ‘Dogging’: Public Lovers


Sexual encounters in the car or in a public place can encourage the relationship.

Sexual encounters in the park, in the bathroom of a bar, in a car parked on a busy street, in a restaurant or in any public place are known as dogging in the case of heterosexual couples and cruising between gay couples. , although in Spanish they are also called cancaneo . It is a practice that requires a lot of confidence and knowing very well the limits of the couple to be able to have sexual relations in these types of places.

3. ‘King out’: only kisses and caresses


Non-penetrative sexual games are a perfect proposal to increase desire.

Anyone who enjoys sexual foreplay and wants them to be longer each time will be delighted to propose to their partner to practice the king out right now, a practice in which only kisses and caresses are allowed , of any intensity. You can do what the couple wants, except penetration . It is a perfect proposal to increase desire and recall the sensations of a teenager.

4. ‘Sexting’: passionate lyrics

Today sexting is one of the most common practices between couples. It is about sending erotic messages, photos and personal sexual videos , through the mobile. Here the ability to seduce with words is put to the test.

For some it is a great way to break the monotony and add innovation and sparkle to intimate life. Others use sexting as a preamble to a sexual encounter. And many to satisfy your desires while you are away from your partner. To prevent the material from falling into the hands of others, it is best to delete it once it has been enjoyed .

5. ‘Splosh’: bodies to taste


The splosh consists of smearing (and tasting) the body of the couple with food or drink.

The splosh consists of smearing or being smeared . The excitement and sensation of pleasure that one has when seeing the body smeared with food or any other substance that makes it look wet or dirty is called sploshing. Sometimes the experience consists only of looking, and in other cases of tasting what we have smeared the couple with.

6. Tantra

This oriental doctrine seeks to elevate the spirit through sexual desire. It is a spiritual path based on the mind and the continence of the climax that is arousing more and more interest. It seeks to enjoy in a more patient, fuller and conscious way, with all the senses , all the energy that the bodies feel in a sexual act, without centralizing everything in the search for orgasm . The goal of tantra is not to last longer in bed, that’s just a part of tantra that has been misrepresented.

7. Erotic dance


Erotic dance can bring sensuality and fun to the relationship.

There are different disciplines of erotic dance whose practice is becoming popular thanks to workshops and schools that offer classes open to all types of public and that can be a tool to encourage the relationship of a couple. The striptease is perhaps the best known . It combines music, lights, dance and clothes that disappear as the melody progresses

8. Porn videos and movies

It is false that women do not get aroused by watching pornography . Although there is everything, of course! If you give yourself the opportunity to see it as a couple , it will stimulate your desire and you will surely come up with many ideas regarding new positions or techniques to try .

9. Talking during sex


Words, from the most tender to the most “dirty”, can be a great ally for sexual arousal.

Language can be a great ally when it comes to encouraging excitement in the couple. From more tender words whispered in the ear to expressions of pleasure or phrases that show how much we like something that our partner is doing to us. 

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