Making love for the first time with another woman may be your first sexual experience, or you may have been with men in the past but have discovered over time that you like women.

Whether one situation or another, there is no doubt that it is something new, a situation in which we will feel nervous, with doubts, but that, as we always say at Bekia Pareja about the first times we have sexual relations of any kind , you have to enjoy above all else. Enjoy not in the sense that you have to make love like in books, an experience of 10, and reaching orgasm. Sex is much more than that, and the fun is to spend a nice and relaxed time with a person you like. Little by little they will learn new sources of pleasure and gain more confidence.lesbian kissYour first time with a woman has to be an experience 10.

Although sexual relations between lesbian women may seem “limited” because there is no penis, it is quite the opposite. The possibilities of giving and obtaining pleasure are endless, there can even be penetration both with the help of fingers and sex toys, although this is something that some women like and others don’t. But you also don’t need any “accessories” for two girls or lesbian women to make love, so this first time you can do without them.

Your first time as a lesbian: relax and take it one step at a time

When we have sex for the first time, or if it is our first homosexual experience, we should not let ourselves be dominated by nerves. Therefore, it is very important to dedicate time to the preliminaries. Before going directly to the vagina, we must pay attention to the rest of the body and to the place where all pleasure is born: our mind. Kisses, hugs, caresses, sniffing, licking, exploring, etc., are an essential part of making love, to relax and have more confidence in ourselves. And, of course, it is basic in the face of excitement. In sex we go through several phases: desire, excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Desire is not enough if we do not reach arousal, and therefore we need to seek it through these previous practices if we want to enjoy it to the fullest.go step by stepIt is important to do it with confidence and go step by step.

Once we are relaxed and have a high arousal level, we can begin to stimulate our partner’s clitoris. Perhaps, previously you need to masturbate yourself, do not be ashamed of it, because it is something that is done in all sexual relations. Later, your partner can follow, or you massage her clitoris, but the question is, how do I know if I’m doing it right?

Learn how to sexually stimulate another woman

Among women it is easier to learn to do things that your partner likes, because you have also experienced them. But for this reason it is very important to know yourself well: your anatomy, your vagina, your vulva, the sensations you like the most… Not all girls, lesbian or not, like the same sexual practices, but it will be easier to explore if you have practice with yourself. This is interesting when it comes to stimulating another woman’s clitoris, for example in men it is more complicated because when they do it for the first time they may not even know where it is, and girls learn it as they explore their own sexuality, or if they have previously read and learned about the female anatomy.lesbian sexIn this first time, put into practice the things you do to yourself to stimulate yourself.

Do it to her as you know how to do it to yourself, and don’t have any qualms about asking her if she likes it, or directly asking her to guide you. Being the first time, you can focus on doing something simple like masturbating each other by massaging the clitoris. Of course, you can let yourself go if there is something else that you feel like practicing, and not set limits, that already depends on how you feel and what you dare. You can penetrate the vagina with your fingers, carefully if it’s the first time someone has done it, or if you want with a toy, well, that’s fine too. Both the hands and the dildos have the advantage that it can be introduced very little by little, and even by yourself, if it is the first time, so that the vagina adapts and you lose the fear of penetration. In this sense, lubricants can help, and to prevent STDs,OrgasmIt’s hard to get an orgasm the first time, but it will eventually come.

The orgasm, not always necessary

Being the first time, it is not necessary that you try to practice oral sex, or at least if one of the two women has never done cunnilingus. The important thing is to lose your temper, try, practice, get to know each other and enjoy. Orgasm is not the goal either, nor should we think that lesbians reach it easier, so if you see that it is difficult for you to have an orgasm, you can either masturbate to reach it “as only you know how”, or simply let it go. You have had an extraordinary experience with a girl you like, you have tried sex for the first time and you have obtained pleasure, why ask for more? In the future you will already have an orgasm, the important thing is that you are both comfortable with each other and have enjoyed yourself.

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