On many occasions, the insufficient sexual education that many people around the world have has caused many self-esteem problems to be created and also that erroneous solutions or measures are proposed to solve them.

Within sexual relations, in addition to a necessary intimate connection between two people, there must be knowledge of one’s own body in order to, in addition to satisfying the partner, enjoy the experience oneself.

Until a few years ago, and even now it continues to happen, sexuality was a taboo subject, especially when it comes to female sexuality. Even today, and although knowledge in this regard has improved a lot, there are many myths regarding the female orgasm and sexual enjoyment for women. One of the topics that is repeated the most and about which everyone hears is the one that tries to answer why some women fail to reach the climax or, in other words, orgasm.

Is there orgasmic dysfunction?

When one talks about erectile dysfunction, everyone knows that it is the inability to get and maintain an erection and to be able to carry out satisfactory sexual relations. The theory is simple when it is a man who suffers from not being able to experience orgasm, but things get more complicated when it is a woman who suffers from this problem. In the case of women, the inability to reach orgasm or the difficulties to experience it even when excited is called orgasmic dysfunction. There are two types of orgasmic dysfunction:Orgasmic dysfunction exists and can happen due to many things Orgasmic dysfunction exists and can happen due to many things

  • Primary orgasmic dysfunction occurs when a woman has never experienced sexual climax.
  • Secondary orgasmic dysfunction, suffered by those who, although they have had an orgasm at least once in their lives, generally have difficulties reaching it.

The causes that cause this orgasmic dysfunction are very varied and in order to overcome it, it is important to communicate as a couple, to know your own body and to analyze the possible causes.

Reasons that prevent reaching the female orgasm

Among the causes that can cause the difficulty of reaching orgasm are those of a psychological or physical nature. Perhaps all those reasons that respond within the psychological section are the ones that are repeated the most in most cases and may be related to cases of sexual abuse, sexual trauma, negative attitudes towards sex, shyness and fear of sexuality or lack of connection. with partner.

Psychological problems

When the inability to reach orgasm is due to abuse or sexual trauma, the solution will always be to go to a professional with whom you can do therapy to find the source of the problem and work on it. At this point it is very important that the couple be understanding and patient until the woman manages to feel comfortable and without feeling guilty, something common when she has suffered some type of sexual abuse during relationships.There are certain problems that can influence orgasms There are certain problems that can influence orgasms

Poor connection with your partner

Another of the problems that a woman can face when she is not able to reach orgasm is that the intimate connection with her partner is not adequate. Many people need a bond or just good communication where they can explain their sexual preferences and what really turns them on. Knowing the tastes of your girlfriend or sexual partner and having her explain them to you, without taboos or shyness, will make your sexual relations complete and satisfying.

Female sexuality and the female orgasm have been a taboo subject for women and today there are still girls who start sex with a very poor sexual education. For a woman it is important to know her body, to masturbate and to know what excites her and how she can reach orgasm, because only then will she achieve that the sexual relations that she maintains are fully satisfactory. Shyness and modesty are factors that impede sexual development and this, within sex, ends up generating problems such as orgasmic dysfunction. If you think that your girlfriend, being a woman, has this problem, she tries to help her explore her body and what she likes within sex, treating the subject naturally and always without forcing the situation.Shyness and modesty when it comes to sex influences orgasmsShyness and modesty when it comes to sex influences orgasms

Treatment that prevents orgasm

Another reason why a woman may find it difficult to have an orgasm during sex is because she is under treatment with some drugs, such as Prozac, Paxil or Zoloft. If you see that your partner did not experience any problems in sexual relations until he started some type of treatment, this may be a very probable cause. To clear up doubts, it is best to go to the doctor and tell him about the situation so that he is the one who provides an effective solution.

Any particular health situation

Other reasons may be for hormonal reasons or for more serious health problems, so if both you and your girlfriend have not been able to reach a solution, it is best to go to a professional. The important thing, after all, is to analyze the possible problem why the woman does not reach orgasm and be honest and sincere with yourself. When the reasons are not due to any physical problem, good communication between the couple is vital so that the sexual health and relationships of both are equally satisfactory for both.

Sex education is something basic in all people and, even so, the lack of it generates serious problems between couples. A healthy attitude towards sex and a good understanding with oneself and with the couple will make the problems diminish considerably, if not they disappear completely.

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