Since always, in sex there have been an infinity of practices for all kinds of tastes.

Some of these being more accepted than others, the variety that exists within the intimate sphere responds to each and every one of the demands and/or curiosities that a person may have with their sexual partner. Experimenting is the key to knowing what we like and what we don’t.

Regarding bedroom issues, there are different positions and practices that are repeated a lot and are very common among the vast majority of sexually active people. Tying up the other person or blindfolding them are quite standardized sexual games that many couples play. However, there are other practices called paraphilias that are considered taboo and before which there is a certain modesty when talking about them or when proposing them. The golden shower is a good example of this.

It's good to experiment from time to time in bed and try new things

It’s good to experiment from time to time in bed and try new things.

What is golden shower?

This term is used to designate a sexual paraphilia that consists in a person finding an exorbitant sensation of pleasure when urinating on their sexual partner or when they urinate on them. This practice is usually related to sadomasochism, since many people who play this type of erotic-sexual games and fantasies also resort to golden showers.

Although this paraphilia is reminiscent of BDSM, the truth is that not all people who feel a weakness for it play their own games of submission and domination. Urolagnia or urophilia, which is how this sexual fetishism is called, is a practice that may not be very healthy when it is practiced since, after all, urine is nothing more than a liquid that carries toxic substances that our body expels to purify the body.

Types of urophilia

Although the practice that everyone knows is to find pleasure when being urinated on or urinating on another person, there are also different variations with which someone can feel real arousal. A variant is, for example, that a person finds pleasure in urinating on another person’s clothes, either on her clothing or on her bed sheets.

Sniffing urine or urinating in public are two other options that many people find sexual pleasure with. Finally, then there is also the variant of getting excited by seeing how another person urinates. This practice can be done either with the consent of said person or by being the one watching a voyeur who watches without the permission of the person who is urinating.

Some men are horny to piss in public

Some men are horny to piss in public.

Health risks?

Before simply determining if golden rain is a practice that is harmful to health, it is important to know what urine itself is, as this will help us to be aware of what it would really mean to be in contact with this liquid. Urine is a yellowish liquid secreted by the kidneys and expelled outside the human body through the urinary system. Among the main functions of urination are to eliminate toxic substances produced by the body itself or those that are ingested. In conclusion, urine is an organic waste that contains not very healthy elements.

Without going any further, the amount of bacteria that urine can contain is very high. At the slightest contact, it is possible to transmit bacterial infections or diseases such as hepatitis A or B. On the other hand, with simple contact with the skin, it can react fatally to urine, causing allergies or rashes.

On the other hand, and despite the fact that only in the urine itself there is no possibility of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, the truth is that HIV infection can be made possible if the person who suffers from it has a small concentration of blood in their urine. .

The golden shower has advantages, if these facts can be called that. It does not cause pregnancy and does not make HIV transmission possible as long as people are healthy. Also, if we compare this philia with others that involve other organic waste such as feces, the truth is that even urophilia may not even seem “so bad.”

This practice can have health hazards for the person who receives the urine.

This practice can have health hazards for the person who receives the urine.

Precautions to consider

The golden shower, despite not being as inadvisable as coprophilia, is a practice in which it is recommended to carry out a series of care and precautions. Since urine is a liquid made up of substances that the body itself expels to purify itself, ideally it should not come into contact with the anus, sexual organs or mouth.

In the event that a person becomes aroused when another urinates into their mouth, there are a series of indications that must be followed. If the urine intake is carried out in small amounts, it is possible that the person’s health is not being put in danger but, nevertheless, there would be a certain risk if the intake is high, since the amount of salt and minerals present in the urine could cause a case of mild dehydration.

In addition to the precautions that must be taken into account to carry out this sexual practice, something very important is to discuss it with one’s sexual partner. It is essential that the people involved want to practice urophilia by mutual agreement and that nothing is forced at any time. This permissiveness occurs exactly the same as in BDSM, although then there is one who assumes the role of submissive and another of dominator.

Another important aspect to take into account will be the hygiene with which this sexual filia is practiced. The ideal place to carry it out could be in the shower, since any remaining urine that may remain on the skin is easy to clean and remove. It is essential to keep the places where urophilia is performed clean, since the union of urine plus poor hygiene in the area can produce truly unpleasant results and, above all, harmful to health.

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