An erotic or sexual fantasy is a mental representation focused on eroticism or sex. They are ideas or thoughts that put sexual creativity into play and enjoy alone or with a partner.

The ability to fantasize is very healthy from a physiological and sexual point of view, we find ourselves throughout our lives with many social and conventional barriers that do not stop marking us what is right and what is wrong.

From an early age, often in a subliminal way, we begin to set limits on certain desires related to pleasure. However, doctors and sexologists never tire of repeating that fantasizing is good and improves our sexual health .

We all have fantasies even if it is involuntary and they are much more common than people think. Even so, most people prefer to keep their fantasies to their own privacy, either due to social pressure or a morality issue.

Some surveys even indicate that nine out of ten people tend to fantasize regularly.

You also have to be careful because they can become pathological if they affect and condition people’s lives or are the only way to reach orgasm . In this case, it is necessary to go without delay to the consultation of professionals who channel these behaviors.Sexual fantasies are typical of both men and women. . The 9th Control Barometer. Young people and sex offers us some very significant figures as far as sexuality is concerned.

The barometer reveals that whether alone, with a partner or with the latest flirt, if there is something in which the people agree, it is curiosity and the desire to try new things . In fact, 84.4% confess that they would like to experiment more in sex to get out of the routine. According to the barometer, 44.5% of people have used a vibrator, 40.8% have practiced anal sex and 30.1% have tried tying up or being tied up ( bondage ). However, 36.4% of people fantasize about having a threesome, 35.4% about trying a remote vibrator ( teledidonic ) and 23.6% would like to play adopting a role ( role playing ).

When it comes to sex, there are five fantasies that usually occupy the first places in the ranking of men.

1. Threesomes and/or orgies . Threesomes, orgies and even having polyamorous relationships are some of the favorite fantasies of men. Within threesomes they usually prefer a man with two women, although they also fantasize about two men and a woman.

2. Remote pleasure. Seeing your partner enjoy, having to hide it, the risk of being caught… are some of the reasons why the teledidonic, using a remote-controlled vibrator, is the second favorite sexual fantasy among men.

3. Anal sex. Another classic that could not be missing from the podium of men’s favorite sexual fantasies is anal sex, inserting the man’s penis through the anus into another person, whether a man or a woman.

4. Costumes. Adopting a social or professional role or playing strangers are some of the many possibilities offered by the so-called role playing.

5. Bondage. Tie feet or hands or both to enjoy as a couple or in a group. The influence of the 50 Shades of Gray books and movies has left its mark on the male sexual imagination.Many people confuse desire and fantasy,  but it is not the same. The fantasy is born and is recreated in the mind without being realized in reality, the desire is, there is an intention to culminate it. Also, most people tend to have the same sexual fantasy over and over again.

Women used to be more coy about accepting that they are mentally sexual and creative. They are remnants of old social clichés that have fortunately been overcome and today they do not hesitate to admit that they have erotic or sexual fantasies, many of them shared with men. These are some.

1. Being dominated . In some cases the variable is to dominate and become a true dominatrix. This is related to the power that each one has in her life. The more responsibilities in her life, the more orders, even in bed, they expect to receive. On the contrary, in the case of being the dominatrix it would be related to wanting to have more power in real life. The influence of cinema and literature with works like 50 Shades of Gray  or  Basic Instinct  is undeniable in this fantasy. And more and more women get excited imagining that they take control of the situation in bed and give orders to their partners. The use of specific costumes has a place and is common in this fantasy. 

2. Having sex with a stranger.  Meeting a mysterious stranger and having sex with him. This fantasy is characterized by the fact of not knowing the other and being able to adopt the desired role during the relationship. Many women imagine meeting a stranger and having a night of wild sex with him and then never seeing each other again. The mystery is very stimulating in this type of fantasy. 

3. Passion without limits with an acquaintance. Just the opposite of having relationships with a stranger, is doing it with an acquaintance. However, not just any acquaintance is worth it. This fantasy of having unrestrained sex with a friend, co-worker, teacher, etc., usually has one element in common: the fantasy is usually with a  forbidden acquaintance.

4. Do it in public places.  Having sex in a public place is a very recurring fantasy, both among men and women. The idea of ​​being discovered by someone adds a point of excitement to this type of fantasy. Being seen while having sex is another recurring fantasy among women, since knowing that they are being observed while having sex can be exciting.

5. Try a threesome.  More and more women fantasize about having sex with a man and another woman. Also with two men.

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