When we talk about sexual positions, it doesn’t matter if you are a lover of experimentation and the Kamasutra or if you are more conventional, there are certain positions that every person should experience at least once in their life to maximize enjoyment and avoid routine. It is clear that there are as many possible options as there are couples, but not all are the same, some hold the title of must-sees.

From some foolproof classics to the most challenging propositions, welcome to our official list of sex positions you must try, even once in a lifetime.

1. The puppy 

The puppy, position on all fours, or on all fours. There are many names that this classic of sex receives, and it is that it is one of the most popular sexual positions and the reasons are several: enjoyment, control and deep penetration are the main ingredients of a full-fledged “doggy”.

To carry it out, one of the people must get “on all fours” with their legs open, while the other person must kneel behind to penetrate vaginally or anally, either with the penis or with a sex toy. Thus, whoever is behind enjoys control over penetration, while whoever is in front benefits from the intensity of the position and the stimulation it can produce.

Another advantage is that the position in four allows you to stimulate other genital areas of the person who is receiving penetration, making the encounter much more exciting, either with the fingers, the hand or with a sex toy like Durex Intense Pure Pleasure, a small and discreet sensual stimulator with intense vibrations.

2. The chair 

Among the sexual positions that you should try at least once , the chair stands out for its sensuality, offering the person on top full control of the situation. To carry it out you will need a spacious chair or armchair. 

One person sits in the chair, while the other sits on top with one leg on each side and takes control. In heterosexual couples, this position is perfect for those girls who want to try to be more dominant during sex, since they have full control of the angle, depth and speed of each movement. On his part, the man is also in the perfect position to explore the body of his partner. With both hands free, he can stimulate her girl’s breasts or grab her buttocks to thrust even deeper, allowing for a wilder and more pleasurable encounter.

But it is not an exclusive position for a boy/girl, since it can also be ideal for sex between boys, because if the person on top leans slightly forward, good anal stimulation is allowed, either with a finger or with some sex toy. While between two girls this position favors genital rubbing and breast stimulation… come on, it’s ideal for everyone!  

3. The mold

Are you looking for a sexual position that favors intimacy? Then the mold is the ideal option for all tastes and sexual preferences. To do it, the two people in the couple have to be lying on their sides, on the same side and with their legs together, the two bodies fitting perfectly, like a mold. Later, during penetration, either with the penis or with a sex toy, the erogenous zones can be manually stimulated, making the experience highly exciting for both.

4. The Dragon

It is possible that if we say “The Dragon” it doesn’t sound like anything to you… but what if we say “from behind”? Surely you will immediately identify this sexual position that is good for both vaginal and anal penetration.

To do it, one of the people lies face down with a pillow or cushion in the pelvis to promote comfort and facilitate penetration, while the partner lies on top in the same position, penetrating the vagina or anus from behind. It is a slow, rhythmic position, ideal for anal sex, especially for beginners, but also for smooth and unforgettable vaginal sex. And if you want to make it more interesting, add a lubricant with an effect, such as Durex Heat Lubricant, which contains an ingredient that heats up on contact with your skin, achieving an exciting sensation of heat and is suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex.

5. The bridge

This is a variant of the missionary that will raise the temperature to the maximum. Bridge pose requires a little more flexibility from the person below, but it’s worth it! For this position, the person penetrating must kneel while the other person remains on their back with their feet flat and their hips raised towards the ceiling in a bridge position, this allows a perfect and pleasurable penetration.

The new angle of penetration can generate very intense stimuli, plus it has the added benefit of toning the thighs and buttocks at the same time. Everyone wins!

6. Riding

Is there anything more exciting than riding your partner and feeling that you control all the pleasure of sex? Well, if this image turns you on, then this is one of the sexual positions that you should try at least once in your life, an alternative in which the person on top is the dominant one and takes full control.

One person in the couple lies down while the other sits on top until they fit perfectly. The person on top can lighten some of the weight by either leaning back or forward and using their arms for support. In each angle she will get a different pleasure, so it is convenient to try both. As if that were not enough, having control it is possible to delay the climax by making faster or slower movements. Being a rider@ was never so delicious!

7. Speleologist

Sex is not just penetration, that is why this list cannot miss a position for oral sex that has led many to orgasm: the speleologist, and to do it you will have to go down and explore your partner with your tongue as if it were a cave…be careful, powerful orgasms are coming!

Doing it couldn’t be easier: one of the couple stands on their backs, preferably leaning against a wall for greater comfort, while the other kneels and accesses her genital area with her mouth, stimulating the vagina or the year according to preference. There is only one thing for sure here: oral sex will take on a new dimension after you try this creative and unmissable sexual position.

What do you think of our alternatives? Get out of the routine and cheer up with these 7 sexual positions that you should try at least once, we bet that more than one will become your favorite.

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