Her name is Sirenita Fuentes and she is a 30-year-old woman. She is tall, blonde, with blue eyes… gorgeous. Her presence is felt in the room she enters. Her laugh is unmistakable. She is a daughter, sister, friend and porn actress.

Cosmo sat down with Sirenita to talk about her daily life, her work and her personal relationships with the aim of removing the taboo that exists on her profession. The result? Stay to read it.

Originally from Cancun, the beauty began her career in the porn industry just 8 months ago working with the SexMex production company.

“I got into this wave because of the economic issue and I liked it. Since I was a teenager I already had this idea of ​​working in the porn industry. I’d look at pornography, I’d look at the girls and I’d be like, ‘Wow, what balls.’ It’s not as difficult as people think. He is a father, he is well paid and the company I work for is very good”.

Her dream? Be a chef and start your own restaurant.

“I did not finish my gastronomy degree due to financial problems. I think it’s not too late, I still have time.”

C: Tell us a little about your daily life

SF: “It depends a lot on when I am active or inactive at work. My manager, Fernando Deira gets me erotic shows in nightclubs so they go hand in hand with video shootings. In general I always have work, I travel around the country. There are times when I saturate myself. When I’m inactive I’m like everyone else, I go to the gym, cook and walk my dogs. I have my boyfriend who fights about everything, so (laughs) I’m always busy”.

C: Where did your stage name come from?

SF: “It’s my nickname, but I didn’t choose it, they gave it to me. Before being an actress, I was a cheerleader in Quintana Roo for eight years. In fact, I was a captain, they made me the boss. She had red hair and there was a disabled girl who was the daughter of one of the players. She then told me that she was Ariel, “The Little Mermaid.” And every year I saw her, I watched her grow. One day she even drew me an Ariel and I tattooed her on my back ”.

C: How did your family react to learning that you were involved in pornography?

SF: “I have four little brothers and several cousins. My brothers still don’t watch porn because they are very young but they all know what I do. Since I was a child I never cared about what my family says. My parents took it more or less well. My mom told me that she didn’t agree but that she would always be her daughter. My dad took it badly at first.”

C: And your friends?

SF: “I lost friends, that’s when I realized that they weren’t really my friends. I lost a lot of people. Especially the fellow cheerleaders with me. The gossip was like a boom in Cancun. There were people who blocked me on Facebook and everywhere. It was a very badass anger. They told me that because of me they were going to think that they were all “equal”, you know, closed-minded.

C: What is it like to date someone when you work in the industry? Have a boyfriend?

SF: “Yes, I have a boyfriend. In fact he was my fan, I met him and he accepts me as I am. He has to accept me. Sometimes he even helps me. I have to film content for my website and he records me masturbating or something like that. Not already having sex with another man. But he is not so jealous.

C: How do you and your boyfriend define fidelity in your relationship?

SF: “We have agreements, in my personal and private life I just hang out with him. He understands that porn is just my job. I have a contract and I can’t break it just because of him.”

C: Have you ever been insecure about the other men you have sex with?

SF: “In general he is very self-assured with his sexual performance and I love that. He has never told me anything about the actors he works with.”

C: What is the easiest thing about working in the porn industry?

SF: “The easiest… everything. Even though you are naked doing a scene with one or two men, or even one woman there are eight people watching you. And you think that you will be sorry but they are not looking at you with morbidity. You feel it. Everyone is doing his job. Each one in his roll.

The first time I did it I did very well, the producer was shocked and that’s when they offered me a good contract. It was like he had done it before.”

C: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

SF: “No, I think I’m fair. There are times when women have advantages and other times when men have them. It is very sad but working in this industry I have realized that many times among women we destroy each other instead of making each other grow and support each other”.

C: Do you think there is a taboo in Mexico in relation to sex?

SF: “I think the problem in Mexico is that we all have two faces. It’s no secret that we all like sex and that we all have sex, but people hide it and judge it. I have received messages in which they call me a bitch for dedicating myself to what I do, but I think that one thing has nothing to do with the other. You can be a bitch doing anything else.”

C: What do you think it takes for people to live their sexuality?

SF: “I think we need to be more open-minded and be honest and not judge others.”

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