Very popular among women, vagina sucking consists of pleasing a woman by stimulating her sex with her mouth. Considered the equivalent of fellatio, cunnilingus provides a woman with intense pleasure, sometimes leading to orgasm. In this article, you will find the famous cunnilingus technique, as well as 40 animated cunnilingus gifs of this intimate caress.

Vagina Sucking Gif: 40+ very hot animated gifs

Would you like to perform cunnilingus on your partner? Here are 40 animated gifs to show you the correct technique and bring her to orgasm!

cunnilingus gif
gif sucking vagina
sucking vagina gif
odd cone gif
sucking vagina gif
gif sucking vagina
cunnilingus gif

Sucking Vagina: how to do it?

After caressing the woman to increase her arousal, the man can multiply the pleasures by practicing vagina sucking. To do this, the man brings his mouth closer to the woman’s sex to kiss it, lick it, touch it… With cunnilingus anything is possible! Before you start, don’t hesitate to ask your partner what they like. In this way, you make sure to please him and excite him to the maximum.

The most sensitive areas

The most sensitive area is the glans penis, in the front part of the female sex. Nor should we ignore other areas such as the labia or the entrance to the vagina, on the contrary! The area of ​​the anus is also an area of ​​great pleasure.

Sucking Vagina: positions to adopt

To perform the vagina sucking, the woman can adopt several positions:

  • On her back: the woman lies with her legs slightly apart or bent. The man is at the height of his sex on his knees or lying down.
  • The 69th position: the man and the woman are at the height of each other’s sex. With this position, the pleasure is shared.
  • Sitting: the woman is at the height of her partner’s head.
  • Standing: here the man is kneeling or sitting.
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