Tantra is a very old practice whose main premise is the acceptance of life within sacred pleasures such as sexuality. 

That is to say, practicing tantra implies not only understanding and transforming each event in life to give it a better shape, but also bringing human consciousness to a level of unity with the cosmos of the Infinite . In this way, through meditation and sexual practices we can become a ONE and transcend towards the expansion and release of unconditional energy that is expressed in the body but that comes from the soul. 

For tantra practitioners, when consciousness expands, space and time disappear to see beyond “a little me” –also called “ego”– and that veil of ignorance. In other words, when consciousness expands, it is possible to perceive that sacred, powerful and respectable real Being . So it allows the subject and the object to disappear, to otherness, and the wonder of unity, love, truth and beauty ensues. It goes from fear to unity. 

Sex according to Tantra

Although many people expect to find a series of positions or advice on how to improve their erotic-festive practices , the reality is that Tantra is a practice that needs to be taken very seriously. 

According to the tantric premise, what is culturally considered “sexuality” – vulgar or sinful – is really just an artificial mask that suppresses the natural. While the natural, the innermost core, is Samadhi, the most sacred. So the sexual practice is actually a Samadhi practice or an alchemy of passion , self-knowledge and integration. In other words, sex is a meditative experience that leads to a supreme, mystical, intimate and creative experience towards unity and truth. For this reason it is essential to take care of all the erotic and sexual energy that all the practice entails . Know how to regulate it to be able to enjoy a sexual practice of up to more than 24 hours, with their respective injections and releases towards pleasure and the sacred. That is to say, through the awakening of the Kundalini – asleep at the base of the Muladhara chakra – the goddess Shakti will travel her way through each chakra until the Sahasrara chakra, where she will find Shiva. 

To activate each chakra, Goddess Shakti requires adequate stimulation of bodily sensations prior to tantric penetration . In other words, it is necessary to give time and space to each of the steps of Supreme Pleasure through tantric caresses with two main objectives: 

  • The development of desire and erotic sensations that help to carry out two different maneuvers: static pressures and dynamic pressures. 
  • Break down inhibitions and stimulate each other sexually in a way that increases mutual desire and leads to accompanied pleasure. 

Principles of Maithuna or tantric sex

Among the main principles of Maithuna or tantric sex are the following points: 

Authentic intimacy

Being in a room as if you were alone but accompanied, so that there is no fear of your partner. If there is true love then you can behave as if you were alone. And when two bodies become one, they have a single rhythm, duality disappears and sex can be completely released.

Promote the union of internal Shiva and Shakti

Through the ritual of tantric penetration, the lingam –penis– and the yoni –vulva–, the union between both internal Shiva and Shakti represents the culminating point of the internal divinities. It is about communion with the cosmic and the transcendent. 

Carry it out without a specific objective

In order for sexual practice to last for hours and encourage meditation on the sacred, it is essential to avoid orgasm as many times as possible. In this way the experience will be more powerful and you will be prevented from wasting energy and fluids unnecessarily. 

Here bodies with a penis are recommended to learn the art of injecting – or the art of enjoying an orgasm without ejaculating or ejaculating inside. 

Enjoy pleasure without trying to get attached to it

Pleasure is kind and precious, but it is only temporary. Enjoying pleasure implies not clinging to orgasm as the only goal of sexual practice. It is about practicing pleasure for a greater good: that of Unity with the cosmos. 

Be aware of energy and meditation at all times

Between the erotic sensations and the supreme sensory explosion, it is important to experience the partial abolition of the reactions of the sensory organs. That is, the momentary loss of consciousness when even the muscle contractions of the orgasm last seconds and even minutes. 

The cause of this seems to lie in the temporary decrease in cerebral circulation under the effect of the rising intensity of the sensations or in respiratory hyperventilation. 

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