Surely you have read that “digital transformation is going to revolutionize our lives”… although perhaps you had not thought about how it is going to brighten it up in the sexual sphere.

Vibration motors, innovative materials, sonic waves, contraction detectors… and now, remote management of the erotic toy by app.

If the sexual revolution was already a fact, it has been further enhanced with the arrival of suckers and the famous Satisfyer . Everyone talks openly about sexuality, orgasms and masturbation, but also about the use of erotic toys in their intimate relationships.

The world of erotic toys has long been linked to technology and innovation. The brands and manufacturers in the sector are concerned with including the most cutting-edge components and materials in toys in general and vibrators in particular, such as state-of-the-art vibration motors capable of maintaining intensity despite the pressure of the toy against the body, sonic waves that cross the tissues to stimulate beyond the body surface, sensors that allow the detection of vaginal contractions…. Allowing functionalities previously unthinkable.

Satisfyer takes advantage

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We have spoken with, the leading erotic shop in the sale of erotic toys in Spain to ask about the evolution of technology in this field and the reception it is receiving from users. We have been told that vibrating toys with apps are causing a sensation . They have been able to see how little by little interest in this type of mobile-controlled toy has grown among their community and they have already made their way onto the best-seller list.

There were already erotic toy brands that worked very well on this concept with vibrator models capable of being controlled by mobile phones, such as Lovense or We-vibe with products aimed at the luxury market. However, as has happened with the technology present in suckers, which in the beginning was also exclusive to high-priced brands, many other brands have launched to develop app-based vibrators.

How these toys work and what advantages they bring to couples

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As expected, despite having jumped on the bandwagon of bluetooth vibrators, the Satisfyer brand has been able to take advantage, including control via app in its vibrators but also in its well-known clitoral suckers.

The key has been, in addition to the name of Satisfyer, known to all, to develop products without this technology making the final price too expensive. Thanks to them, we can say that access to toys with apps has been democratized as they can be purchased for just under €30.

The operation of app-controlled erotic toys is simple. The vibrator is synchronized through a bluetooth connection to a Smartphone that must have the corresponding app installed. From that moment, the toy can be controlled through the app or give access to its control to another person who has the app downloaded.

This allows couples hundreds or thousands of miles apart to “connect sexually” and feel closer while being far away.

During the pandemic, there are many couples who have had to maintain their relationship at a distance, and the toys controlled by an App have made it easier for them to maintain a certain closeness and sexual connection, despite the physical separation ,” says Rosa Navarro, sexologist at Diversual. .

But these types of toys are not only for couples at a distance , they are an ideal pleasure complement for any type of couple and even for playing alone. In addition to the classic vibrators, we are talking about masturbators, Chinese balls, clamp-type vibrators, suckers that are controlled through an app.

What a toy with an app brings to sexual experiences is much more than the confinement of long-distance relationships, they help to get out of monotony, provide play and fun, revive dormant passion, allow you to experience new sensations, raise excitement to the maximum …

As Diversual tells us, the possibilities of use are many and varied: going out to dinner with a vibrating egg on and your partner can discreetly control it from their mobile phone, waiting for your partner at home while they control your device from their device. stimulation, receive the stimulation of the toy while you dedicate yourself to other pleasures… The imagination has no limits!

In addition, beyond mobile remote control, the app developed by each brand provides extra functions that are impossible to have without it. The Satisfyer brand Satisfyer Connect app allows you to save vibration patterns to use at another time, use vibration patterns from other users, make your toy vibrate to the rhythm of the music that is playing, you have on your device or your favorite Spotify list … As you can see, when we say that technology is at the service of pleasure, we do not fall short.

The future is technological, in the erotic toy store, too


The reality is that every day more sophisticated sex toys and more functions are developed without affecting the final price to the consumer. “Technological pleasure” is no longer exclusive to a few and does not depend on the purchasing power you have, anyone can buy a toy with an app and enjoy its benefits.

“Undoubtedly, the confinement has helped to promote the use of app-controlled erotic toys among couples, however, users are increasingly looking for more sophisticated sexual accessories, and this could already be seen long before the pandemic”, explains Fernando Martínez, Marketing manager of the erotic store Diversual.

If there is one thing we can know about the future, it is that the use of the Smartphone is going to be introduced more and more aspects of our lives, and in our sexuality and pleasure, it was not going to be less, so this has only just begun.

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