The condom is a barrier method that prevents contact of the genitals with the other person’s bodily fluids. In this way, it is effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is 98% effective, provided it is used correctly, although its success is not limited to preventing pregnancies.

The condom is also used to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. It gets up to 80-90% effective if, again, used well. This effectiveness of the condom is explained thanks to a good placement, but it is also due to the type of material with which they are made. If you want to learn how to put on a condom step by step, you can see it in this other article, and if you want to know what condoms are made ofto work so well, here we tell you.

What material are the condoms made of?

Latex condoms, the most common

If they ask you what material condoms are made of, you will surely answer that they are latex. The properties of latex for the production of condoms focus on its great elasticity. This means that they can withstand being stretched enormously without breaking. Thus, they adapt to the body and maintain protection at all times.

We highlight two products from the Durex Natural range, which are Durex Natural Comfort and Durex Sensitivo Suave. The first are condoms made with natural latex, smooth, anatomically shaped Easy-On TM in superscript and silicone-based lubricant, which facilitates both donning and holding. For their part, Sensitive Soft condoms increase sensitivity by being thin and extra-lubricated. Made from natural latex, they are also smooth and anatomically shaped Superscript Easy-On TM for easier donning and better support. The lubricant is silicone based so that it does not affect the effectiveness of the condom.

Non-latex condoms, what are they made of?

Especially indicated for people who are allergic or sensitive to latex, do you know what latex-free condoms are made of? The answer is polyisoprene. It is a synthetic rubber that does not contain the protein that triggers a latex allergy. Like natural latex, it is able to withstand large elastic deformation and return to its original size without deforming. Therefore, this material can be greatly stretched and holds up without breaking. Thus, these condoms are as effective as latex condoms in ensuring safe sex.

Among condoms of this type, we highlight the products from the Durex Real Feel and Durex Latex-Free range. The first are condoms that offer you a skin-to-skin sensation, thanks to their Easy-On TM superscript anatomical shape, their silicone-based lubricant and their technologically advanced and latest generation material, with the plus that they are made without latex. . They are very comfortable and easy to put on. For its part, the latex-free Durex are condoms made with synthetic polyisoprene and are designed for people who are sensitive or allergic to latex. They are anatomically shaped Easy-On TM superscript and contain silicone-based lubricant.

What kind of lubricant do Durex condoms have?

To facilitate both placement and enjoyment during sexual intercourse, Durex condoms have a lubricant, but do you know what kind of lubricant condoms have? Durex condom lubricants are made from silicone.

Among the main benefits of silicone-based lubricants are that they are thicker and more durable because they do not absorb or dry quickly. Of course, they are perfectly compatible with condoms, since they do not contain any ingredient that deteriorates or damages them.

In addition, within the range of Durex condoms, several alternatives are offered with special lubricants that help to enjoy sex even more and end the myths that condoms affect sensitivity or that condoms affect erections .

Among the condoms with special Durex lubricants we highlight Prolonged Pleasure and Intense Orgasmic. On the one hand, Prolonged Pleasure condoms contain the so-called Performa TM lubricant in spuerindex that contains 5% benzocaine, it works by delaying male ejaculation, which lengthens sexual intercourse. On the other hand, Intense Orgasmic condoms have a stimulating gel, have Pleasure Fit technology and a texture with dots and grooves, which increases stimulation throughout the sexual encounter. Its superscript Desirex TM gel causes sensations of tingling, heat or coolness, intensifying sexual intercourse to the maximum.

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