Male masturbation has always been anchored in the social imagination.They say it, in the talks with girls and boys about sexuality , no one hides it, it is an understanding that is part of life itself and they ?

For months now, a sexual device without a phallic shape , the so-called clitoral sucker , has broken taboos on female masturbation .

Clitoral suckers are a great sales success , but above all one of the star topics in the conversation of many women on social networks and outside of them. And this is, perhaps, her greatest achievement. Getting women to talk about how they masturbate. For the sexologist Isabel Moreno, this is a half-truth, since “the younger generations of women do talk about masturbation , but they do it in a different way from how boys do it.”

Word of mouth has been largely responsible for the success (of the suckers), but also good marketing campaigns”. In fact, some sex toy stores sought the complicity of some illustrators. Thus, the WhatsApp groups and these referents have made it ” naturalized that women talk about these devices as well as about masturbation “, says this sexologist .

It was exactly like that in the case of Júlia Valls Badia . “A friend told me that her partner had given it to her and she told me that she had to try it , without giving me many more details. She didn’t have any sex toys , so I listened to her, and since then I have recommended it to many of my friends, who surely have also recommended it to theirs. This Christmas it is going to rain suckers ”, assures this 23-year-old woman.

What the latter would reveal would be that the direct and most important consequence of the success of the suckers is that “although we had always heard of dildos and phallic vibrators and talked about them, few of us girls did so openly about masturbation . Now, people are starting to talk about sexual health naturally.” 

“We normally comment that every night we use our sucker and share our experiences . There are even sex toy stores dedicated exclusively to the clitoris, which is helping to make female masturbation and pleasure something normal”, explains Valls Badia.

The end of the taboo , the opening of comments on the sexual pleasure of women are being intergenerational , according to Sánchez, author of The sex that women want. And how to enjoy it. The word of mouth that has been created around this device has a liberating point , she emphasizes, which allows this dialogue between all women. Female masturbation thus enters the daily debate , and through a sexual organ whose only function is to give pleasure , and only to them.

On the other hand, these devices are not new either. The first appeared in 2014 . But as Valls Badia explains, “the price and the promotions were also, in my case, an incentive to buy it.” n 20 euros . Other more sophisticated models are well above 100 euros .

Reasons for success

They succeed because they do not have a phallic shape, they focus on the clitoris and flee from coitocentrism

In general, and as explained by one of the manufacturers, the trend marked by this type of sex toys, in general, is closely related to the female empowerment that has taken place in recent years, and which has banished the idea that they should have phallic shape to provide pleasure .

The success of clitoral suckers stems from the fact that they “flee from coitocentrism ” –says Moreno– and that “ they are not penetrative , but rather focus on clitoral stimulation , which is preferred by women, since it is how more than 70% reach orgasm”, says Cervantes.

Thus, the success of a device that dispenses with penetration and where the pleasure of women with themselves is underlined is relevant. Something that is also linked to the rise of feminism in recent years. The vindication of the rights of women , and of their bodies and their sexuality beyond the gaze of men . A necessary change in the vision of female pleasure.

It must be taken into account that “it is not true that there are vaginal and other clitoral women . During penetration the clitoris is also stimulated . The orgasm occurs in the brain and the more sexual tension builds up the more intense the orgasm. Only 20% of women get an orgasm from vaginal stimulation.

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