The condom or condom is a barrier contraceptive method that consists of a sheath made of latex or other synthetic compounds and is placed on the penis to prevent the passage of semen and prevent fertilization. Condom use, in addition to avoiding an unwanted pregnancy, is essential to prevent the spread of STDs if we are sexually active. Do you want to know more about its use? Continue reading this article in which we explain in detail what the condom is for.

The condom is used to prevent the spread of STDs

The use of a contraceptive method is highly recommended if we want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. However, some options such as birth control pills, the ring or hormonal patches, although they can help prevent pregnancy, cannot prevent the spread of an STD.

The only method that can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is the condom, since it is a barrier contraceptive that prevents the exchange of fluids during sex. However, it is important that you know that its effectiveness only applies when it is used correctly, that is, when it is well placed and is used during the entire encounter, whether vaginal or anal. According to the latest studies, the correct use of latex condoms can reduce between 80% and 90% the risk of both contracting HIV and other STDs[1], so it is important to know how to put on the condom properly and use it in every sexual relationship.  

Condoms are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies

The condom is 98% effective in preventing pregnancy if used correctly, according to a study carried out by mathematician and researcher in various areas of reproductive health James Trussell and supported by organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the NHS in the UK or the World Health Organization.

In addition to being one of the most effective methods to prevent pregnancy, the condom also has the following benefits:

  • Does not require a prescription: the condom can be purchased both in pharmacies and other establishments without a prescription.
  • It has fewer side effects: the condom is not a hormonal treatment, so it does not produce side effects in the female body during its use, which represents an advantage for many women. However, allergy or sensitivity to latex or to certain substances that come in some types of condoms, such as benzocaine, can cause discomfort, so it is always advisable to read the product packaging before using it and consult a doctor if after use. We present some adverse reaction.

Condom use for sexual performance

In addition to preventing either an unwanted pregnancy or an STD if used correctly, condom use can influence the sexual performance of the couples who use it. In the range of Durex condoms you will find condoms that improve sexual activity, such as the Prolonged Pleasure condoms, which have a retarding effect and allow you to enjoy a longer-lasting encounter, or the Durex Climax Mutual condoms that, by containing Performa lubricant and a design with grooves and points, manage to delay the ejaculation of the man and accelerate the climax of the woman.

The importance of knowing how to use a condom

As we have already indicated, the effectiveness of the condom is only guaranteed if it is used correctly. To guarantee that this contraceptive method fulfills its functions, it is essential to know how to put on a condom step by step and follow some basic recommendations before using it, such as checking its expiration date, opening the product packaging carefully and checking that it has not been broken during sexual intercourse, among other things.

Never use other products to replace the condom!

It is essential that under no circumstances do you use other items, such as balloons or plastic bags, instead of a condom. You should bear in mind that these types of products have not been manufactured to be used as a contraceptive method, so their use can have multiple risks, such as the spread of STDs, injuries and discomfort in the genitals due to their low lubrication or the possibility of from an unwanted pregnancy, as they can be easily ruptured during sexual intercourse.

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