69 is a very famous position in the Kamasutra. Unlike other positions, the 69 position does not imply penetration, but caresses the sexes with the tongue and mouth. Therefore, it is very exciting and here the pleasure is shared. To know more about this sexual position, this article will provide you with all the essential information. A little bonus: you’ll see 69 gifs practiced by famous pornstars who aren’t afraid of the cold!

30+ animated 69 gifs

In the gifs below, the porn stars do the 69 position. You will see a man and a woman giving cunnilingus and blowjobs (see oral sex gifs) at the same time, but also two women caressing each other the sex.

During these scenes, the pleasure is at its highest level and you will see that they are having a great time! We let you discover this selection of 69 gifs.

69 gifs
69 gif
gif 69
69 gifs

How to do the 69 position?

As explained, the 69 position does not imply penetration; It is about giving yourself pleasure by caressing your partner’s sex with your mouth and tongue. To practice this pose, the man can lie on his back with the woman on top, the woman can lie under the man, or both can lie on their sides. The more flexible can try an acrobatic 69: the man in a standing position with the woman against him.

To perform 69, it is also important to be an accomplice of your partner or very naughty. If so, do it!

In conclusion

69 is a very popular kamasutra position. It allows to give pleasure to each other and increase the excitement of both members of the couple.

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