On the internet there is a wide variety of porn gifs of all kinds, but the erotic gifs were missing. Those where they teach us how to start the sexual act and how to excite your partner. There cannot be a good night of sex if the games are not there first. Nothing like a good squeeze on the ass, hot tongue kisses, caresses on the tits and stimulation of the genitals.

When things get really hot, it’s common to want to get into action right away. It is a more recurrent behavior in men. However, women love foreplay, being touched and turned on. If you lack ideas to do it, then this gallery of erotic gifs is for you.

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The 65 most sensual and ardent erotic gifs on the internet

In this post we have compiled 65 gifs that are nothing more than ideas for you to put into practice with your partner. Make a note of that and before you start fucking, try some of these poses and techniques below first.

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A good sex session starts with erotic games

Who likes to arrive at the cinema when the movie is halfway through? Starting a sexual encounter directly with the action is like learning the end of the movie without having seen it. Much of the fun, excitement, and interestingness occurs at the foreplay stage. That is to say, from groping, from passionate kisses, from getting each other wet.

Is it difficult for you to function in this stage of excitement? So, the erotic gifs in this post will be very useful if you put them into practice. Try each of them little by little and you will see how your partner will enjoy it and thank you for it. Surprise your partner with your tongue on her back, kiss her neck, squeeze her ass and kiss her passionately. It will take very little time to get wet to get to the action.

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