We all like oral sex, giving it, receiving it and even seeing it. For this reason, in this post we have made a compilation of 45 gif oral sex. Multiple positions and variations that will give maximum pleasure to your partner. How about a double fellatio, a reverse 69 or a deep throat? Put your experience to the test and tell us in the comments which of the following images of oral sex you have practiced.

The mouth is a super important tool to give pleasure. It’s not just the humidity and the tricks that can be done with the tongue. In fact, the most exciting thing is to provoke the feeling that you belong to the other, of submission and that you are giving pleasure. But of course, a good technique and movements help a lot to stimulate and enhance these sensations. It is also important to innovate to offer new stimuli.

Speaking of new stimuli, have you tried hentai? If not, then go ahead and explore these irresistible hentai gifs.

45 gif images of oral sex to reach orgasm

Now yes, enjoy this complete gallery of oral sex gif. You will end up very hard and wanting to practice them all as soon as possible.

You cannot miss the spectacular selection of the most exciting erotic gifs.

How to get a 10/10

Nobody can be considered good enough in bed if they don’t know how to give oral sex to their partner. Not a simple lick. I’m talking about giving pleasure until you get an orgasm.

An excellent tool to learn is imitating the professionals. For that we prepared 45 gif images. It is a matter of looking and learning. But that’s not all. It’s good to know that oral sex is intensified when we use our entire mouth to cover as much of the surface of the genitals, especially in the case of cunnilingus.

A moist mouth facilitates lubrication and a very light touch. Language is also the protagonist in this work. Move it with intensity and taste the penis or vagina. Show your partner that you like him and that you are enjoying it. From time to time it is also good to look into the eyes. Finally, always avoid contact with the teeth. In no case will it generate pleasure. Quite the opposite; you increase the risk of injury.

It’s not the most comprehensive guide to oral sex, but it’s certainly the basics to stand out. If you want to see more of oral sex, click here to see 35 spectacular blowjobs.

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