When we think that the first time we will have sex is near, it is normal to feel excited and, at the same time, nervous. Our heads fill with doubts and we ask ourselves a lot of things: will I like it? Will my partner enjoy it? Will it hurt? do we have to use a condom? which to choose?

Even if it is your first time, this does not prevent you from getting a sexually transmitted infection or pregnancy if you have heterosexual intercourse. The condom is an option to protect yourself from STIs and unwanted pregnancy, but what is the best condom for the first time? Read on and find out.

Why use a condom the first time (and always)

The doubts that may arise about the condom may make you wonder not only what condom to use the first time, but if it is really necessary that you put it on your first meeting. Using a condom in all your sexual relations , including the first, is the most recommended, and here we explain why:

The condom is the only method to prevent the spread of STIs

STIs are sexually transmitted infections that we can contract during sexual intercourse, be it vaginal, anal or oral sex, especially without protection . The condom is the only method that helps protect against this possible contagion , because it creates a barrier that prevents direct contact with the fluids of your partner or partners.

Its effectiveness in preventing these diseases is between 80-90% , as long as you use it correctly and throughout the sexual relationship (1). The important thing is that you know that, even if it’s the first time you do it, you can also get it. A single encounter with a person who previously has an infection is enough for you to be at risk. In fact, there are infections, such as genital herpes, that can be spread without penetration, just by rubbing the genitals or oral sex.

The condom is a very effective contraceptive

If you have heterosexual intercourse, even for the first time, there is a risk of pregnancy . Whether you are a virgin or not has nothing to do with the ability for a pregnancy to occur, as this only depends on a sperm meeting an egg. During a woman’s ovulation, the risk is there, even if you only have sex once. Condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancy by up to 98% , as long as you use them correctly (2). If you don’t know how to do it, in our article How to put on a condom we explain it in detail.

The condom can help you enjoy your first time more

You may have heard that putting on a condom cuts the crap, but the truth is that it offers you some advantages that, on the contrary, can help you make the relationship more pleasant. For example, the condom is lubricated , which gives you extra softness for penetration . In addition, there are a lot of different condoms, such as sensitive ones, which are hardly noticeable, or delay ones, which help to delay male ejaculation.

Which condom to use the first time

For the first time (and for the others!) it may be a good idea to resort to extra- thin condoms because they are the ones that will allow us to maximize the sensations , that is, to notice everything that is happening more. At Durex you can find a whole range of thin and extra-thin condoms, such as the Durex Sensitivo Suave , a thin and extra-lubricated condom that helps you achieve softer sensations and, ultimately, more sensitivity, so you feel everything without losing safety or comfort. You can also try Durex Sensitivo Total Contact , some super thin condoms so you can achieve even greater sensitivity. What is the best condom for the first time? Try them and decide.

delay condoms

They are designed to delay male ejaculation , allowing greater pleasure for both. It is normal to last a short time the first few times, so if this point causes concern, you can resort to some condoms from our range, for example, Durex Prolonged Pleasure , which are condoms that contain a lubricant with 5% benzocaine to delay the ejaculation of the. You can also try Durex Mutual Climax , it also has a lubricant with 5% benzocaine to delay male ejaculation and a dot and groove design to accelerate female orgasm , increasing stimulation.

stimulating condoms

These condoms are designed to enhance stimulation and make intercourse more pleasurable. For example, Durex Intense has a dot and groove design and also contains a gel for sensations of heat, coolness or tingling. In this same range you can also find Durex Dame Pleasure , with points and grooves for extra stimulation during penetration.

Now that you know which condom to use the first time, you can read our article How to prepare for your first time to answer any questions you may have. There are plenty of options to enjoy! Go ahead and try them and make your first time unforgettable.

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