There is a widespread myth around the condom: if you use a condom, you will have worse sex. For some people it is nothing more than a necessary evil, but is it true that the condom affects sexual relations?

Here we debunk the myth and reveal the wide variety of condoms that can make sex fun and even more pleasurable.

Do you think the condom affects sexual intercourse?

There are many things that are said about the condom, for example that the condom affects the erection or that if you use it you will feel less. But the real question would be, is all this true?

The belief that condoms affect sex is based on the belief that putting it on decreases erection and sensitivity, making it less enjoyable. But this belief has nothing to do with reality.

The condom does not affect sex, on the contrary, it can make the experience more fun and pleasant. For this, it is important to know which condom to choose, since not all are the same and the condom must be perfectly adapted to the penis and to our needs. Also, you have to use it correctly.

Did you know that at Durex we have a wide variety of condoms so you can enjoy sex in an intense and pleasurable way? Do not sacrifice your protection and encourage yourself to learn about the different options so that using a condom is not a problem.

The condom does not take away the pleasure, rather it can help to increase it

Condom manufacturing technology has come a long way in recent times. That is why at Durex we have developed a wide range of condoms to enjoy sex more, while offering excellent protection. Try them and choose yours:

  • Durex Mutual Climax: with dots and grooves to promote female orgasm, they also contain PerformaTM lubricant with 5% benzocaine, which works by delaying male ejaculation. Thus, it provides an intense experience for both of you.
  • Durex Intense Orgasmic: designed to obtain intense pleasure, it has a design of points and grooves and stimulating gel that offers sensations of heat, coolness or tingling.
  • Durex Prolonged Pleasure: This condom also contains PerformaTM lubricant with 5% benzocaine, which helps delay his ejaculation for longer lasting pleasure. In addition, they have an anatomical Easy-OnTM design that facilitates their placement.

Extra thin condoms, lack of sensitivity is not an excuse!

Like the condoms mentioned above, extra-thin condoms are a perfect alternative to maintain protection during sex without affecting sensitivity or pleasure. Thanks to this range you will be able to protect yourself without saying that the condom affects sex, since they have been developed to provide a skin-to-skin sensation.

At Durex we have a wide range of thin and extra-thin condoms, for example:

  • Durex Invisible : it is the thinnest condom created by Durex , designed to maximize sensitivity, guaranteeing a high degree of security and protection.
  • Durex Sensitive Soft: it is a thin and extra-lubricated condom for a softer sensation with an anatomical Easy-OnTM shape that facilitates its placement so that you can enjoy sex from start to finish.
  • Durex Sensitive Full Contact: This is our super thin condom with a straight shape that offers sensitivity and a Sensi-FitTM fit, so you can enjoy sex without compromising your safety.

Extra lubricated condoms for smoother sex

Condoms from the Durex range have lubrication to make sex smoother and increase sensations, facilitating penetration. But for those who want even more softness, we have Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated, which gives you a natural skin-to-skin sensation thanks to its super-fine design, the thinnest ever created by Durex, without losing protection or safety.

You have already seen that sex is just as fun using a condom. Also, remember that the condom is the only contraceptive method that reduces the risk of STD contagion by 80-90% by preventing contact between bodily and mucous secretions(1). Protecting yourself from STDs is essential, since they cause discomfort, we can transmit them to other people and some are as serious as AIDS.

How to use a condom to have greater sexual pleasure

After knowing all the options, it is clear that there are alternatives that allow you to use a condom without affecting the quality of sex, but to achieve this you must take into account important factors such as choosing it well and knowing how to put it on.

Follow these tips so that the condom not only does not affect your sexual relations, but also helps you enjoy it to the fullest:

Choose a condom that is your size to avoid discomfort

A condom that doesn’t fit you makes it difficult for you to enjoy it, either because it’s too tight and causes you discomfort, or because it’s too big and comes off. Therefore, it is important to know what is the right size for you. In our article What size condom to use we help you discover it.

Try different condoms to discover the ones that stimulate you the most

Do you feel that the condom affects sex? Change condom. Not all people are the same, so you should try more than one type to find out which one is best for you.

Make sure you know how to put on a condom

It is normal that if you have little practice, you spend more time than you want putting on the condom, which distracts you and the climax disappears. To avoid this, find out how to put the condom on correctly and practice for when the time comes.

Leave the condom ready so you can put it on faster

Get in the habit of always keeping it on hand so that the condom does not affect sexual intercourse because you have to look for it.

Involve your partner(s) in the game

Putting on the condom can be part of the foreplay, so that instead of interrupting the climax, it becomes part of the relationship.

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