Cherry, strawberry, mango, banana or chocolate are flavors that you will surely associate, at first, with fruits, drinks, smoothies or juices. But what do you think if we tell you that they are also lubricant flavors? Lubricants are products that help improve sexual relations, providing lubrication when it is lacking or increasing that which occurs naturally.

Given the great diversity of consumer needs, manufacturers have decided to develop these lubricants with a variety of flavors, with the aim that all people, in a simple way, can enjoy their sexual relations in an even tastier way. . They can also help those who don’t like the smell of condoms or even bodily fluids. However, there are still many people who wonder what flavored lubricants are for. Keep reading this article and discover what its usefulness is and how it can benefit you in your intimate relationships. 

How to use a lubricant in my sexual relations?

To begin with, according to scientific studies, 9 out of 10 people confirm that sex is better with a lubricant.(1) But why do you have to use lubricants during sexual intercourse? In general, the use of lubricants during sex is usually used when a lack of natural lubrication is detected that is going to pose a problem for the normal development of the relationship. Although the lack of lubrication can be more or less serious, in any case, it can hinder and even prevent sexual pleasure.

Use due to lack of lubrication

The lack of lubrication can occur for various reasons, but it is common for us to find physiological reasons, that is, that this lack of lubrication can manifest itself at different times of the menstrual cycle or due to hormonal changes in stages such as pregnancy, lactation or lactation. menopause (2). They are modifications in the woman’s body at different stages or moments of her life that can make sexual encounters difficult. For this reason, in these cases, the use of lubricants will help to achieve smoother and more pleasant relationships, since the lubricant can help to fill the lack of natural lubrication in the body.

Have fun with your partner using lubricants

On the other hand, lubricants are also an option for those who want to include them in their sexual relations for a playful purpose, that is, with the sole objective of having fun with their partner, since you don’t have to have difficulties with lubrication to use a lubricant. lubricant. You can use this product simply to increase the sensations. Do not forget that applying lubricant will facilitate penetration, masturbation or the use of any sex toy. In addition, it has the advantage of being a very easy element to handle and to incorporate into intimate relationships at any time. In other words: what are you waiting for to try it?

Can I use the lubricant for anal sex?

In addition, for all those people who practice anal sex, the use of lubricant is highly recommended and could even be considered necessary. This is because the anal area, unlike the genital area, does not lubricate naturally and, therefore, it is necessary to resort to this type of product to guarantee more softness. (3)

Flavored lubricants: what are they for?

As we have indicated before, some brands have decided to manufacture lubricants of different flavors. In addition to being able to be used in situations like the ones we have described in which extra lubrication is going to be needed, the different flavors add entertainment to sexual relations. Therefore, these lubricants will be ideal for people who want to increase the fun during their intimate relationships and improve foreplay, finding even more pleasure in the practice of oral sex.

These lubricants are characterized by being made from an aqueous base, which makes them perfectly compatible with condoms, so you don’t have to give up safe sex when you want to use these lubricants. Plus, they don’t stain and are easy to wash out of clothing or sheets. They are also gentle on the skin and, of course, they manage to add a delicious flavor and aroma to the most intimate moments. Discover the range of Durex flavored lubricants now:

Durex Play Cutter

Durex Play Strawberry is a water-based lubricant that provides a pleasant strawberry aroma and flavor during intimate relationships. Although it does not contain any sugar, its smell and flavor are so intense that they make sex a memorable experience and are a good ally, especially to achieve delicious and unforgettable oral sex.

Durex Play Cherry

For its part, Durex Play Cherry offers a pleasant cherry flavor to enjoy unforgettable sexual experiences as a couple. Add a pleasant flavor and aroma to the most intimate moments. This lubricant is totally suitable for oral, vaginal and anal sex. In addition, this product is also perfectly compatible with the use of condoms.

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