The routine is the number one enemy of the couple’s happiness, getting used to a specific order of activities causes interest to be lost and love failure is imminent. . Practicing ideas to avoid monotony is an essential action that every member of a relationship must think about and carry out.

A relationship without surprises, without preambles, without a bit of romantic mystery, without details is not on the right track.

It is important for the other person to notice that you still make an effort to surprise them , to get their attention, to give or prepare what can brighten their day.

It is healthy for any relationship that the emotion is always maintained and that the conquest details never end. In this way, the members never lose desire and feel anxious, excited and happy to see the other person, that is, the crush persists.

Ideas to break the couple’s routine

If what you want is to show your partner how much they mean to you and you are interested in making your relationship work, then pay attention to our following guide of ideas to break the routine so that monotony never knocks on the door of their lives.

1 – Gifts and details:

Receiving a gift when you least expect it is something very special, a very grateful gesture, also whoever gives it will have a pleasant feeling when doing so and both will feel very good. You don’t need to spend a lot of money:

  • A flower always says a lot.
  • Something small, like an ornament, that represents something that means a lot to you.
  • Giving away something that you know the other person needs is always very rewarding.
  • When you know the tastes of your partner, giving him something of this type is a great detail that will make both of you happy. For example: candles, sexy lingerie, chocolates, a decoration item similar to your partner’s style, etc… the options are endless, you just need to pay attention.

2- Break the sexual routine:

Unfortunately we live in a society that thinks that sex only means penetration and ejaculation. How sad! Sex is much more than that. The true sexual pleasure is found in the magic of the moment, in the romantic approach. We are totally sure that your partner will appreciate and enjoy sex a thousand times more if you put into practice any of the following ideas to avoid sexual monotony:

  • Try new sexual positions.
  • Share the moment with some sex toys that you both like.
  • Prepare a seductive romantic atmosphere. You can use various themes to decorate the place, so you would have themed sexual environments, it sounds interesting and fun, right?
  • Change location. Although the bedroom can be very intimate and romantic, making love in a different place from time to time does not hurt anyone.
  • Change your sexual foreplay, try games and food. Try to prepare aphrodisiac dishes.
  • Don’t always listen to the same music while making love. There is a lot of variety to choose from.
  • Kissing, touching, feeling and stimulating areas that are not usually protagonists during sex.
  • Whispering sexual innuendos when you least expect it

3- Activities:

There is no better remedy to break the routine than to carry out different activities together outside of ordinary daily tasks. Surprise your partner by proposing to carry out activities that will bring out the best in themselves, this is a great tool to promote the union of the couple.

  • Outdoor activities: A simple walk or run together is very beneficial, or why not, have a picnic in the park or a barbecue in the backyard for no special reason.
  • Walks: Go for a walk to attractive destinations, enjoy observing and commenting on the landscape, take photos, enjoy what that walk invites you to experience.
  • Take classes together. Find some free course and take it together.
  • Plan dates to new places where either of you has never been.

4- Change the schedules.

This is a very special idea and can make you experience fabulous unexpected changes. For example:

  • See each other on different days than usual.
  • Schedule your lunch break at work to get away and hang out for a while.
  • If you usually have sex at night, do it in the morning.
  • Have your appointments at different times. Don’t meet just for dinner, meet for breakfast together and start the day together.

5- Messages:

The messages are somewhat old, but they still generate those indescribable butterflies in the stomach when received. Be creative and send your partner romantic, naughty, sexy, or affectionate messages. Some ways to give this detail are:

  • Through the mobile phone.
  • Via email.
  • With fridge magnets.
  • With a handwritten note, left in the most suitable place for him to find it by surprise.
  • By letter.
  • Written in food.

6- Other ideas to break the routine:

  • Invite your partner somewhere that he or she really wants to go, without them knowing it.
  • Prepare a surprise party for him to celebrate something special in his life.
  • Get up earlier than your girl (or) and make him breakfast , take him to bed for when he wakes up.
  • Buy underwear that is a little more revealing than what you usually wear.
  • Send flowers to your home or a gift to the workshop without being expected.
  • Don’t wait for it to be your anniversary to celebrate and toast your relationship.
  • Make him a call in the middle of work just to tell him that you love him or that you want him.
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