This is a special selection with the most demanded sex toys and the best valued. Pleasure modes that are activated by app, to enjoy between two, also to feel pleasure in privacy

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Chinese balls: uses and benefits

Pleasure is for every day. You can enjoy it as a couple and also alone , why not? For this reason, we have decided to prepare one of our special recommendations, with the best sex toys most in demand.

We say that pleasure with sex toys is of course also to be enjoyed as a couple, for obvious reasons. The remote control mode of the Lush Lovense vibrating egg only brings spicy situations. It is one of the best-selling sex toys on Amazon and sweeps ratings. Then we tell you a little more.

However, remote control by applications is not all there is to enjoy as a couple. The wireless magic wand that we are going to show you already says it all with its name. Yes, yes, what it does is almost magic. It can be used as a full-body massager, sure, but where it really wows is its clitoral stimulation . Abra Cadabra !

And of course, the king of sex toys for women, the acclaimed Satisfyer, could not be missing . This time we bring it dressed as a penguin and until the end of the offer, with a 27% discount . It is a very silent sex toy for women, with an original and fun design, which can lead to different levels of pleasure .

Once again, we come to show you exclusively trusted purchases. Perfectly recognizable brands and products that have swept positive ratings. Everything you are going to find here is to enjoy without worries. Alone or in pairs. Take a look and give yourself that joy you deserve.

The most demanded sex toys by the Spanish

Remote vibrating egg Lush Lovense

The Lush Lovense remote vibrating egg is one of the best-selling sex toys on Amazon. It is also one of the best rated, practically 7 out of 10 people who write a review, rate it with 5 stars .

This is the most powerful remote control vibrating egg on the market. It is a perfect sex toy to enjoy as a couple , yes, it is ideal for creating risqué situations in public, or wherever you feel like it.

Many people find it really fun to use it in everyday situations ; going out to dinner, a trip, a movie at the cinema… Well, each couple with whatever comes to mind.

Raise the level of pleasure

Image - Lush Lovense remote vibrating egg

Lush Lovense remote vibrating egg

This is one of the most in-demand and best-selling sex toys on the entire market. His brand name, Lovense, is what people use to almost define this model of pleasure.

The most demanded sex toys by the Spanish

Hisaysy Powerful Magic Wand

This Hisaysy powerful magic wand is also one of the top rated sex toy purchases on Amazon. It is a powerful magic wand that works with 20 different vibration modes and 8 perfectly adjustable speeds .

Yes, it is an electric massager that is used for the whole body, but here we come to talk about something else. This is a wand massager with a 360º rotating flexible head capable of reaching any corner of pleasure.

It is 100% waterproof, of course it also resists splashes and can be used without any problems in the bath or shower .

Image - Hisaysy powerful magic wand vibrator

Hisaysy powerful magic wand vibrator

The magic wand vibrator by Hisaysy belongs to a type of sex toys for women, capable of provoking different sensations. Its flexible head adapts to 360º.

The most demanded sex toys by the Spanish

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

It is impossible that you still have not heard of the Satisfyer Pro , it has been a revolution in sexual pleasure for women . This clitoral sucker is the best seller on Amazon and here we bring it to you dressed as a penguin, in a pleasure gala. Attention, right now and until the end of the offer it is available with a 27% discount , €11 savings that are not bad.

The design of this Satisfyer Pro clitoral sucker is truly ergonomic and is designed to fit comfortably in the hand . It is ideal for beginners, it is very easy to handle, it is also super discreet, it makes almost no noise.

Its rotating and flexible head is made of anti-allergenic silicone and its interior is protected against the ingress of water .

Gala dress to go anywhere

Image - Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clitoral Sucker

Satisfyer Pro Penguin clitoral sucker

It is comfortable, discreet, ergonomic and is dressed up, so you can take it anywhere. Let’s see, they don’t matter that much, but he’s super cute and brings different levels of pleasure.

The most demanded sex toys by the Spanish

Badpa Distance Kegel Balls

These are surely the remote kegel balls that have the best rate of opinions in their entire category. You are in front of some remote kegel balls with few ratings at the moment, 21, but 100% 5-star ratings . At least it is to think about it.

These remote controlled Kegel balls are recommended to strengthen the pelvic floor during daily activities. They can be worn comfortably and also discreetly, to get their benefits, while doing any type of activity.

After half an hour a day, it is when you begin to notice its recovery action . They strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area and help improve bladder control.

Strengthen the pelvic floor

Image - Distance Chinese balls Badpa

Distance Chinese balls Badpa

These remote Chinese balls by Badpa are perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor and improving bladder control during daily activities. Half an hour a day and that’s it.

The most demanded sex toys by the Spanish

Badpa remote pelvic floor vibrator

And we finish with another special recommendation in sex toys by the Badpa brand, this remote pelvic floor vibrator , which is also among the best-selling sex toys on all of Amazon.

It is a vibrating egg for the pelvic floor that offers 10 different frequency modes that can also be activated by remote control. Let’s see, a pelvic floor vibrator strengthens the muscles in the area , but it can also be used to add a little spice.

Why not also use it with its app activation mode ? Benefits for health and enjoyment as a couple. Everyone wins.

Health and pleasure 2 in 1

Image - Badpa remote control pelvic floor vibrator

Badpa remote control pelvic floor vibrator

With this other Badpa sex toy, you can also strengthen your pelvic floor and enjoy it as a couple. Its remote control mode causes very spicy situations.

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