Six Colombians are the most popular women on Onlyfans

Six Colombians are the most popular women on Onlyfans

OnlyFans is one of the most popular platforms that exists at the moment in Latin America, although the social network is not an exclusive window for pornographic content, it has become very relevant for women who sell erotic photos. This space already has more than 100 million subscriptions in the world, people who pay to consume what those who sell content offer.

In that list of women who have become a reference in Latin America for the content they make on the platform and because, in addition, they are among the best paid, there are several profiles of Colombian women who are commanding the stop.

All of them celebrities who have become famous either for being porn actresses, influencers, journalists or who have worked in some way in the world of entertainment. These are the eight most popular Colombians in Latin America.

Hope Gomez:

The renowned porn actress is one of the most acclaimed women in the world of adult entertainment, since she opened her OnlyFans account in 2014, the actress and businesswoman has built a community that pays to see each of her publications. Her fans are all over the world.

In an interview with Infobae, the actress told how the platform works, of course, the business that many now see on this type of platform is being misunderstood because, she says, Only Fans is not only for selling adult material, but the platform allows users to access any type of content, since in the United States, this space was created so that traditional Hollywood artists could make extra money selling unpublished material. Then it was that the porn industry saw an opportunity in this space and they started to generate more movement.

Although in Latin America this type of platform has been making itself known for less than a year, the actress assures that the Latin audience is the most difficult because they do not like to pay for the content, in addition, this is where the space is being used. to launder drug money, so he fears that they could close access to these countries.

Amaranta Hank:

The journalist and writer entered the world of OnlyFans just a few months ago, from there she has managed to form such a large community that she now teaches classes on how to use the platform and how to profit from it.

Originally from Cúcuta, she entered the porn industry with many jobs in Europe (Switch)

Originally from Cúcuta, she entered the porn industry with many jobs in Europe (Switch)

Aura Cristina Geithner:

Although she does not top the list, the name of the 54-year-old actress is very relevant, her Mexican fans have taken it upon herself to give her a relevant space in the list of the most acclaimed content on the platform.

Aura Cristina Geithner will venture into the erotic world of Onlyfans.

Aura Cristina Geithner will venture into the erotic world of Onlyfans.

Daniela Legarda:

One of the Legarda sisters decided to enter the world of the platform and make her millions of followers on social networks follow her now in another space and also pay for much more intimate content.

Although, when she opened her OnlyFans account, it made headlines because of the hundreds of criticisms she received because the content was not what her followers expected, the youtuber has kept the figures in this space.

Daniela Legarda.  Social media photo.

Daniela Legarda. Social media photo.

Aida Cortes:

The web cam model became news because she ran over a police officer in an alleged drunken state, however, this scandal made her more famous, as it was known that she was one of the women who earns the most money for generating content on the platform, it is said that he can earn more than 120 million pesos a month.

In an interview with Semana magazine, Cortés assured that she entered the world of webcam modeling “deceived”, when she was trying to get a job to be able to fulfill her dream of studying international business, because she had “a very great illusion of being able to enter the university”. In her story, she said that when she was looking for a job in a newspaper, she discovered one that said: “She needs a waitress, good pay and good personal appearance.”

Cynthia Cossio:

The sister of the famous youtuber, Yeferson Cossio, and who also participated in the MTV program ‘Acapulco Shore’, has a great fan base in Latin America, the woman has managed to get to the top of the platform.

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