Would you like to know how to masturbate your boy and that he likes it ? You have come to the right place. Although, logically, masturbation is something that your boy can do alone, he will surely appreciate that, if he feels like it, you know how to masturbate him the way he likes best.

Remember that each person’s tastes are different, but a good way to get to know your partner’s is to participate in their masturbation and include it as part of the foreplay or as a sexual relationship itself. Next, we share some tips to keep in mind to make your partner enjoy an exciting masturbation. 

Communicate with your partner

It can be said that the main thing in a couple is communication and that the level of sexual intimacy is no exception. Talking about what we like more or less with our partner allows us to get to know their sexual tastes better, to know what turns them on the most and what techniques you can use to increase their pleasure. Also, talking openly about it can help build and improve trust between the two of you and can increase satisfaction for both of you during masturbation.

Create a hot environment

Another advice that we give you is to take care of the environment, since it can play a key role during masturbation, helping to arouse different sensations. For example, you can put a dim light, candles or music, elements that can help raise the level of excitement and rapport with the couple.

Use lube

When aroused, men produce a fluid known as pre-cum, which can make it easier to glide through for masturbation. Even so, you can add a small amount of lubricant to make masturbation even more pleasurable and exciting.

Applying the lubricant or trying different varieties can be part of the sexual game and increase the excitement and intensity of pleasure thanks to its soft and slippery touch. Lubricant is often associated with anal penetration, but it has many more uses and can also be a great ally for masturbation.                                                                                   

Starts off soft and builds up

Going on to the practical part of the advice that we give you on how to masturbate your boy, you can start masturbating little by little and increase the pace as the excitement progresses. In fact, you can start by stimulating, not directly the penis, but the areas around it. When the excitement increases, you can directly stimulate the penis. Try to start with slow movements to gradually increase the speed, always paying attention to your partner’s reaction to adjust to what he likes more or less. You can follow the same progression in terms of intensity. Explore carefully until you find the one that your partner enjoys the most.

Try different techniques

Also, to enhance this shared sexual experience, you can try different movements and alternate them throughout masturbation. Not only is it possible to experiment with different movements, it is also very exciting to try various speeds and techniques such as using one or both hands or directly stimulating the penis with different parts of the body, changing postures, etc. The limit is set by your imagination and it is worth everything that both of you like and help the pleasure soar. 

Stop and go

As an example of a masturbation technique that usually works very well, you can try the stop and go call . It consists of, just when your partner is about to ejaculate, he warns you so that you stop masturbating him immediately. Stop and, after a very short time, resume masturbation slowly and gradually increase the pace again. You can start and stop as many times as you want. You may find it difficult to brake in a moment of maximum excitement, but it is worth trying. The more times you stop and restart, the greater the ejaculation will be.

Explore other erogenous zones

Although we tend to put all our attention on the penis, especially when talking about masturbation, the truth is that the male body has other erogenous zones that can also be stimulated during masturbation. For example, while stroking the penis or before, try stimulating areas such as the testicles, the perineum, which is a particularly sensitive part of the body that runs from the testicles to the anus, the inside of the thighs, the nipples, the neck, the ears etc

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner which areas turn him on the most. Also, you can not only touch it with your hands. Use all your fingers, your tongue, or objects like feathers. Guide your imagination, experiment and let yourself go so that you can find together what excites you the most.

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