Although it is still considered a taboo subject by many, the truth is that masturbation is a very common practice in our society. In fact, according to studies, up to 93% of Spaniards claim to have masturbated at least once in their lives.

This percentage reveals that, despite the fact that many people are still embarrassed to talk about it, the lack of conversations about it has nothing to do with what happens in private. The problem is that living masturbation as a taboo leads to prejudices still surviving around this practice. Thus, some people think that masturbation is bad for their health. To resolve the doubts and fears of people who wonder if is masturbation good for me?”, then we discover why it is good to masturbate and what are the benefits that masturbation can bring you.

Is it good to masturbate?

Yes, masturbation has been proven to be beneficial for both your mental and physical health. Therefore, forever forget about the idea that masturbating is bad for you. In addition, it offers the advantage that it is a very safe sexual practice. If you are a girl, by masturbating yourself you do not run any risk of getting pregnant. Nor can you contract, neither girls nor boys, any sexually transmitted disease or STD. Also, when you reach orgasm your body secretes endorphins, which are hormones that block pain and, therefore, will make you feel good. Keep in mind that the sensations of pleasure that you experience during orgasm are the same, regardless of whether you have achieved it by having sex with someone or by yourself.

Why do people masturbate? 

We can mention several reasons that would encourage people to masturbate, although, in reality, there is nothing more than the desire to discover pleasure in one’s own body. Some people masturbation helps them relax. Others seek to achieve a greater and better knowledge of their own body and its sexual stimuli. There are also those who try to release their sexual tension, sometimes when their partner is not available. In any case, in addition to abandoning the idea that masturbation is bad, we must banish that it is only for singles. Masturbation is also for people with a partner, to practice alone or as part of a shared sexual relationship. And you should know that it is normal for there to be variations in their frequency. Some people masturbate on a regular basis, while others do it very occasionally, and there may even be some who have never masturbated before. Each person is a world and there are no rules as far as sexual tastes are concerned.

Benefits of masturbation

Reasons for masturbating like the ones we have mentioned have a scientific basis, since there are studies that have revealed the benefits of masturbation both physiologically and mentally, as well as helping you enjoy sexual intercourse more. We highlight these benefits of masturbation:(1)

A safe sexual practice

As we have advanced, masturbation is the safest sexual practice, since you cannot contract STDs or cause a pregnancy.

Discover your tastes and know your body

There is no doubt that self-knowledge is very important to obtain greater pleasure in sexual relations. With masturbation you can discover what gives you greater sexual pleasure and then apply it in relationships with your partner. You can even masturbate your partner or ask him to masturbate you. So you know what you like best. Do not hesitate to talk about sex and your body with your partner, since communication and trust are the bases for a good sexual relationship.

Reduces stress and relaxes you

With masturbation, hormones are generated that give you a rush, which reduces stress levels and, consequently, you relax and feel good. You can even fall asleep peacefully.

How do I know if I masturbate well?

If you get pleasure, you masturbate well. There is no other rule. All the people who masturbate are going to do it in a different way and no one is more correct than another. Each body is different and each person has different tastes that can even change depending on the moment. Thus, there are those who prefer a higher intensity, others need to slow down, use sex toys, etc. The important thing is that you learn to know your body so that you discover what turns you on and makes you feel good. If you’re in a relationship and share masturbation with her, don’t hesitate to talk openly about it. Ask him what he feels, if he likes more or less what you do to him, see how he reacts, etc. This way you will get more pleasure and a better sexual relationship.

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