It seems that the field of innovation is reserved for sporadic couples, ‘forbidden’ sex or those who exude creativity at the beginning of a relationship. But the truth is that, in stable couples with frequent sex, there is always room for creativity. 

A good way to experience new situations is through postures. Without underestimating the well-known missionary, some can offer a different and exciting perspective on relationships that involve penetration.


The postures are a good tool to experience sexuality

The TAC (Coital Alignment Technique)

It is a variant of missionary. One of the people should be lying on their back and the other on top, with their legs stretched out. You start in the classic missionary position, but the penetrator must stretch the lower part of the legs so that the penis (or harness, if you decide to incorporate it into the relationship as a tool to penetrate) reaches the depths of the vagina while that the pelvic bone rubs against the clitoris. Penetration can be much deeper and more pleasurable.Woman enjoys sex with her partnerWoman enjoys sex with her partner.

The five

Another variant of the missionary that enriches it on all sides. One of the people lies on their back and the partner stands on it with a very notable difference: the person who is lying down must raise their legs and place their ankles on the shoulders of their partner. With the pelvis higher, the penetration is deeper and the stimulation of the G-spot is more direct.


This enormously comfortable position aligns the couple’s body at the back and chest, lying on their sides. It also allows full access to perform all kinds of maneuvers with the hands: stimulation of the nipples or clitoris, for example. No more considering it as an exclusive position to sleep romantically.Couple in spooning poseCouple in spooning pose

The Amazon

This posture has many strengths and favors the feeling of control of the person who sits astride the other. It is she who manages the rhythm and speed and by sitting on the partner (who will be face up), she will be able to make eye contact and encourage contact while she moves. Empowerment is served.

The “L”

In this position it is about one of the people lying on a table or similar surface while abandoning himself to the pleasure of penetration by the other person. The legs of the first can surround the hips of the other, or keep them raised while the other holds them, crossing them in front of her chest. The hip should be flexed 90 degrees. It comes to be like sitting, but horizontally instead of vertically. In addition, this position allows anal penetration.A woman gets carried away in bedA woman gets carried away in bed.

The 68

In this position, one of the lovers is passive and can be both the woman and the man. The procedure is simple: one lies on his back with his legs bent and the other does the same on top of the partner but in the opposite direction (that is, with his head on the other’s thighs). 


A position like 68 allows you to enjoy additional actions in addition to penetration

In this way, the person on top will be the one who enjoys oral sex, while the person below has full access either to the penis and testicles, or to the vulva, vagina, and even the perianal area and anus. if the other moves a little forward, so this sexual position also allows you to practice the black kiss. 

Another advantage of 68 is that whoever is below has their hands free, so they can touch the other’s body, use a toy or even masturbate.

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This position promises a lot of pleasure for both of you and is recommended for the final part of the sexual relationship. In it, one of the people is placed in the previously described spoon position. Once settled, she must turn her head and back slightly to be able to see her partner.

For their part, the other person should stand behind and take her by the hip, while her knees are resting against the back of her body.

The movement that is performed, and with which the speed and intensity of the action is easily controlled, simulates a clasp that is continuously fastening and unfastening. The penis fully impacts against the vaginal wall and, in addition, there is total clitoral stimulation, which exponentially maximizes pleasure.

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