You are probably clear that condoms help you maintain safe sex, since they protect you from the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy and, furthermore, they are the only contraceptive method that allows you to reduce the risk of contracting an STD, that is, a sexually transmitted disease.

But what you may not know is that condoms can also be a very important ally when it comes to increasing your sexual pleasure and that of your partner. If you’re looking for more intense sex, there are now many different varieties of condoms to choose from to achieve this goal. For example, there are those made with different types of lubricants, which provide sensations of cold or heat, or those with raised textures, such as Durex condoms with dots and grooves. In this article we will focus on discovering what condoms with ribs are for.

What are dotted and ribbed condoms?

What differentiates ribbed condoms from regular ones is their texture. If most condoms are made of smooth and smooth latex, in this type of condom, on the contrary, there are dots and grooves drawn on the latex, which are strategically distributed over the entire surface of the condom. These points and grooves form a relief with different heights that has a specific purpose for sex. But do you want to know how this texture influences sexual intercourse? Or, in other words, are you wondering what are ribbed and dotted condoms for? We explain how these condoms can increase your sexual pleasure in the next section.

Condoms with grooves, what are they for?

Durex Dot and Ridge condoms have been designed to add more pleasure under the covers by creating more friction in the intimate area. This texture of dots and grooves with more or less raised areas especially favors female pleasure because it achieves additional and varying friction during vaginal penetration, providing extra , deep and intense stimulation in the genital area. They maximize the pleasure of your partner and yours!

These are condoms with dots and grooves from Durex

Durex offers you more than one option if you are thinking of trying ribbed and dotted condoms. Thus, you have ribbed condoms that also contain stimulating gel to cause different sensations, such as cold or heat, or retardant lubricant to delay male ejaculation. Together with the texture with points and grooves, they help to intensify the sensations during your sexual relations. Go ahead and try all the varieties of Durex and choose the one you like best! We present them to you below.

Durex Intense Orgasmic

In addition to being condoms with dots and grooves, they contain a gel that has a stimulating effect. This is the Desirex gel, which provides sensations that can be hot, cool or tingling. It is a medium thickness condom, with a reservoir, pleasant smell and Easy-On anatomical shape, wider at the tip than at the base, so that it is easier to put it on. Its elastic design favors its adaptation to the body of most men. Remember that a good fit is important to enjoy the intimate experience. Also, if you are concerned about the environment, you will be interested to know that they are made with responsibly extracted latex.

Durex Mutual Climax

These ribbed and dotted condoms are designed to speed up her orgasm and delay his, helping them climax together. Made of transparent natural rubber latex, in addition to the relief of dots and grooves, they have an Easy-On shape, with a medium thickness, reservoir, lubricant and an elastic design that adapts to almost all men, offering more comfort, more pleasure and a more intense relationships. The Performa lubricant that they incorporate is retarding. This means that it has the effect of delaying male ejaculation thanks to the fact that it contains 5% benzocaine, a local action anesthetic that decreases sensitivity. This helps men last longer in bed, favoring a longer and more pleasurable sexual relationship. Take as long as you need to both reach orgasm!

Durex Lady Placer

In addition to the extra stimulation provided by their dotted and ribbed texture, these condoms also feature an Easy-On anatomical shape, reservoir, and silicone lubricant. They are made of natural and transparent rubber latex, have a pleasant smell and are also thick and easy to put on thanks to their elastic design, which helps to make them the right size for most men, thus offering comfort and more pleasure for both.

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