If you are reading these lines, it is probably because in your sexual relations you have noticed that your intimate area does not produce enough moisture naturally, so you ask yourself: “why don’t I lubricate enough?”

Moisture in the vaginal area is known as lubrication and consists of an increase in the production of vaginal fluid mainly in response to sexual arousal. But it can happen that you are excited and, however, do not lubricate in the necessary amount so that the penetration is soft and pleasant.

That is why below we explain the  most frequent causes of the lack of lubrication and some solutions to improve this situation.

Why do we lubricate? 

Vaginal lubrication has an important function in sexual relations, since it facilitates the penetration and movements of the penis inside the vagina. Although lubrication is a natural response, it also happens that there are women who, due to certain causes, may find it difficult to lubricate sufficiently.

The good news is that it is not a serious problem, since it can be solved with the use of certain products  and some recommendations that we will give you later.

Why don’t I lubricate enough?

Do you feel excited but you are not lubricated? Are you having a hard time feeling sexually aroused? Lubrication changes throughout our menstrual cycle, which is why there are days when being wet is very simple and others when it can cost you more. But, in addition, certain factors can influence our ability to lubricate, and knowing them is important to know when to incorporate an intimate lubricant into our encounters and quickly enjoy pleasure again.

These are some of the reasons why you may experience vaginal dryness:

Hormonal changes

One of the main causes of a lack of lubrication are hormonal changes, especially in estrogen levels (1), a female sex hormone that is produced in the ovaries and interferes with some functions of the female body. Therefore, in the face of hormonal changes produced by situations such as the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause, estrogen levels usually decrease considerably, naturally reducing vaginal lubrication.

Use of hormonal contraceptives or certain medications

The use of hormonal contraceptives or certain medications can also decrease lubrication (2). This type of treatment, whether due to the hormonal load or other components, can affect vaginal moisture. However, if you have doubts about the side effects of the medication or contraceptive you are taking, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Insufficient sexual stimulation

If the previous causes do not fit your situation, it is possible that you are not lubricating properly due to the lack of sexual stimulation before penetration (3), and it is that perhaps you are not devoting enough time to foreplay during sex .

Masturbation, stimulation of erogenous zones such as the clitoris or the breasts, oral sex, kissing and caressing, all these elements are basic to arouse you before penetration and will make both of you enjoy the encounter much more, so it is important not to forget them. . And if the problem is that you don’t get what you like, talk about it with your partner! Teach him how, when and where to touch you to make sex much more pleasant.

Stress or lack of concentration

Stress is also a factor that reduces sexual arousal and therefore the natural production of lubrication (2). It is important that you try to concentrate on the sexual act and avoid dispersing your mind on other things, in this way you can fully enjoy each encounter, obtaining a better sexual response.  

Also, don’t forget that sex itself is a great stress-reducing activity, so the more sex you have, the more relaxed you may feel.

Use of inappropriate intimate hygiene products

Excessive intimate hygiene or frequent douching can also affect intimate lubrication (1). In addition, the use of scented soaps and products that are not suitable for vaginal hygiene can also cause vaginal dryness. In this sense, it is advisable to use products that help keep the intimate pH balanced and avoid excessive washing of the area.

How to improve vaginal lubrication

Now that you know some possible causes why you don’t lubricate well, let’s go to the solutions. And it is that as we mentioned at the beginning, improving vaginal humidity is as simple as using a sexual lubricant during both vaginal and anal penetrations.

This product is very easy to use, you just have to apply a few drops on your fingers and then rub them in the vagina to improve the moisture in the area. You can also apply it on your partner’s penis and on the condom once it’s on, so you can enjoy smooth penetrations full of pleasure.

At Durex we have a wide range of lubricants so you can live all kinds of experiences. If you want an option free of fragrances and dyes, then our range of Naturals lubricants is your best alternative, as they are made with 100% natural ingredients to feel smooth sex naturally.

You can also opt for silicone lubricants, which offer a longer lasting effect than water lubricants because they don’t dry out as easily, so they are ideal for those sexual encounters that promise to last and also for anal sex, where extra lubrication is essential. highly recommended.

And if what you want is not only to improve your lubrication but to live an unforgettable experience, then you should try lubricants with effects and flavors, which will make your sexual encounters become an adventure in which you will no longer have to worry about whether you are or not wet, you just have to focus on enjoying yourself to the fullest!

In addition to the use of lubricants, you can also follow these tips to increase your lubrication naturally:

  • Use special products for vaginal hygiene: this area is very delicate and any imbalance in your intimate pH can cause dryness and discomfort. That is why it is convenient to use special vaginal care products that help keep your vaginal flora balanced.
  • Communicate with your partner – Talk to your partner and tell them both the things that turn you on and the things you don’t like during sex. In this way, both of you will be able to have much more pleasant sex and you will be able to lubricate better.
  • Maintain proper hydration: for the production of lubrication to increase naturally, it is important that you drink at least two liters of water a day and take care of your diet.
  • Leave the stress out of the bedroom: If there is an opportunity to relax and release the tensions of the whole day, it is during sex. Therefore, try to disconnect from everything that happens outside the room to fully enjoy the sexual act.
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