In addition to being the only contraceptive method that reduces the risk of contagion of sexually transmitted diseases, the condom is an effective product to prevent an unwanted pregnancy so that we can fully enjoy our sexual relations. However, for this method to provide you with all these benefits, it is important that we know how to use and preserve it correctly.

In this regard, there are many people who have discovered while having sex that the product was broken or deteriorated. For this reason, it is essential to know where to keep condoms for their good conservation.

If you want to know how you should take care of condoms so that they are properly preserved, we recommend that you continue reading these lines where we will give you some tips for safely storing condoms.

Why is it important to know how to store condoms?

The condom or condom is a contraceptive method that provides many benefits on the sexual level, as long as we use it correctly. One of the most common mistakes that people tend to make is to store condoms in places where they cannot be stored properly.

The problem with incorrectly storing a condom is that over time they can become damaged and, due to this, the product can be more prone to breaking, which would leave you exposed to unwanted pregnancy as well as to sexual intercourse. increase the risk of contracting an STD. In fact, improperly storing condoms is one of the most common causes of condom breakage. Therefore, to avoid this type of consequence, it is important that we find a place to store condoms safely.

In addition to storing condoms in the wrong place, you should also take into account that there are other conditions that can cause the product to break, such as using expired condoms, making a mistake with the condom size, excessive friction, or not placing them properly.

Where to safely store condoms

Now that we know that condoms can be damaged (and therefore break) due to improper storage, here’s where we can store them so they can be kept safely:

  • A cool place: one of the conditions that the place where we store the condom must meet is that it be cool. This is because this product usually comes in an aluminum container, a material that when exposed to heat can damage the condom.
  • A place with little ligh: it is also necessary that the place where we store the condoms has little light. A place with little light will guarantee that the condoms are kept at an ideal temperature for their correct preservation. Otherwise, direct sunlight could damage the condom due to heat.
  • A dry place: another condition is that the place is dry, since condoms are usually packaged in cardboard boxes, which can be damaged by moisture.

Therefore, the best place to store condoms is in an area of ​​your room that is dark and dry, such as a nightstand or a drawer in your closet.

Where should you never keep them?

While it’s important to know where to store condoms safely, it’s also important to know where you should never leave them. Therefore, we give you some advice on which places are not suitable for storing condoms properly:

  • Avoid sun exposure: never leave them in places that are too hot or exposed to the sun, such as in the car. As we mentioned, the heat could damage the condom wrapper and, therefore, the condom itself.
  • Do not keep your condoms in the wallet: as in the previous case, the wallet is a place that does not meet the appropriate heat conditions for a condom. If you still decide to keep it on this site, try not to keep it for too long.
  • Do not store them in a bathroom: the bathroom is an area prone to generating humidity. In this way, we will prevent moisture from damaging the condom.
  • Never buy condoms in machines exposed to light: try to buy your condoms in sales places that meet the necessary conditions to keep them in good condition, such as pharmacies.
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