For a long time it was maintained that the “normal” size of a penis was 15 cm but according to a study published in the British Journal of Urology, the measurements have changed and they state that, in an erection, the average is actually 13.2 cm and just 9 cm at rest , much less than it was.

Another study, this time carried out by Dr. Shanna Swan, a researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, warns that the size of penises is decreasing due to pollution.

Only 2.3% of men have a micropenis and 5%, a penis that exceeds 16 cm according to the first study. The rest would be within that so-called normality.

Good news? Certainly not for the ladies in the Jes Extender ad. If you’re a millennial, you know what I’m talking about, a penis enlarger that was sold in the teleshopping and whose ad began by saying “I like them big”. Millennial nostalgia on fire is that advertisement.

Luckily, not everything that appears on TV is true and the fact that size matters a lot to us girls is one of those myths that have haunted the penis since time immemorial. A guy has to have a big penis because a small one is useless, know how to use it and get a boner no matter what, and of course he has to cum 100% of the time. Otherwise we are facing a failed powder and that is not cool. Well surprise: none of this is real.

Why penis size is not important

The person with the penis feels pressure because it all seems to come down to how their little soldier will work and if the partner is a person with a vulva, penetration may not bring them as much pleasure as they might expect because the vagina doesn’t have as many nerve endings as the penis, for example. clitoris.So why focus on the penis? Well, because for years sex has focused on coitocentrism and penecentrism, that is to say: the important thing and pillar of sex was the penis and the objective was to insert it . If during sex everything is focused on intercourse, I understand this as the moment of penetration, it is most likely that the organ that penetrates becomes the center of the universe.The Average Penis In The World Is Less Than 15 CentimetersLuckily, the arrival of clitoral suckers, for example, have given visibility to female pleasure, fleeing from the in-out moment that movements such as slow sex are allowing it to fade into the background (finally).

Let’s take the example of a cisgender couple of a man and a woman. He has a penis that is 12 centimeters erect, below average. Will she be dissatisfied because he doesn’t get to that “normal”? If he doesn’t achieve pleasure, it won’t be because of a small penis. It could be due to a lack of communication, because he doesn’t know how to give her pleasure or because she has an anorgasmia problem, for example, but it is very unlikely that it is because his penis is “too small”. The same thing happens on the contrary, with a penis that is too big.The size of the penis does not matter to us because it gives and receives pleasure whatever its size and luckily sex goes far beyond the size of a penis and its shape.

If we needed a penis to get pleasure, relations between two women would never be pleasant without penetration, right? And the moments with the Satisfyer, for example, wouldn’t work either because there’s nothing to be inserted into the vagina… And we know that suckers do give pleasure, so it’s ridiculous to reduce sexual pleasure at the moment of penetration.Clitoral Suckers

Tricks to enjoy more sex with a small penis

If a small penis does not give us what we need in terms of pleasure, it may be because our sexual partner is only focusing on penetration, and luckily, sex is much more than that. María Esclapez affirmed in her book De ella Sexual Intelligence that each one must take responsibility for her own pleasure and tell our partner what we like and what we don’t, it is our responsibility .

Spending time playing, touching, kissing, hugging, caressing, and licking every inch of your partner’s skin is the best trick for both of you to enjoy, drawing attention away from the genitals and giving each one the place they deserve. the pleasure points that exist in the body.

There are positions that increase the intensity of penetration with a small penis so that both can enjoy it more, such as the missionary with the legs up or lateral positions such as the spoon that increases the sensations.

Sex toys to use as a couple and forget about the size of your penis

In addition to trying these positions, we can make use of sex toys, for example those that are used during penetration and that are inserted into the vagina , occupying part of its space and sharing it with that of the penis during intercourse, such as the Satisfyer Double Joy.

Satisfyer Double Joy Purple with App (J2008-16-3)

Satisfyer Double Joy Purple with App (J2008-16-3)

We can play with massagers, for example, like the LELO SMART WAN 2 Large, a perfect full-body massager for couples.

Full body massager with ten vibration patterns.  SMART WAND™ 2 Large has an exquisite design, offers specific massage modes and has a longer lasting charge.

Full body massager with ten vibration patterns. SMART WAND™ 2 Large has an exquisite design, offers specific massage modes and has a longer lasting charge.

Or give the use of a clitoral sucker a try as a couple (do not rule out the pleasure that suction can produce on a penis, whatever its size). In this case we are left with one of the most versatile due to its types of vibration and the great variety in power, the SILA by LELO.

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