Oral sex is a sexual practice in which the male and female genital organs are stimulated with the mouth, lips and tongue in order to give pleasure to the partner. Currently, this practice is carried out by both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Like vaginal and anal sex . Oral sex also carries a risk of infections and even tumors induced by viruses, such as the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Types of oral sex

Although there are more variants, the most frequent types of oral sex are  fellatio  and  cunnilingus .


Fellatio is the practice in which the woman or man sucks or licks the scrotum and penis with the mouth, tongue and lips until it culminates in the man’s ejaculation.


This variant of oral sex consists of licking and sucking the female genital organs (lips of the vulva, the clitoris , and the entrance to the vagina) with the lips and tongue.

Oral Sex Risks

At present the practice of oral sex is increasing among young people under 25 years of age since there is no risk of pregnancy . However, as in other sexual actions, oral sex is related to the transmission of multiple diseases and infections .

The most important risks are:

The human papilloma virus (HPV)

It is the most common sexually transmitted disease and one of the most dangerous because it can cause genital warts and lead to some types of cancer . Currently there are vaccines that can reduce the effects of HPV.

One of the cancers derived from this virus is oropharyngeal cancer . Although the causes of this cancer are mostly unknown, research published in 2007 in The New England Journal of Medicine , linked oral sex to this cancer, noting that people who had performed oral sex on 6 different people are at higher risk. higher than the rest of suffering from it.

VIH (side)

The human immunodeficiency virus can be transmitted through blood, semen, and vaginal fluids, making it one of the main risks of oral sex.

Head and neck cancer

In recent years, an upturn in this type of cancer has been detected and some specialists associate this increase with the increase in the practice of oral sex. HPV is one of the main causes of this cancer.


It is a sexually transmitted disease that is most often transmitted orally. One of the consequences of herpes is that it can cause sores to appear in the genital area, rectum and anus .

Mouth cancer

Although the rate of this type of cancer was not very high, in recent years its incidence has increased. Many specialists consider that the practice of oral sex has motivated this increase. Its appearance is also linked to HPV.

Cancer of larynx and tongue

Changes in sexual behavior have also led to HPV causing an increase in cancer in the area of ​​the tonsils and the base of the tongue.


Oral gonorrhea can cause a sore throat, swallowing problems and, if not followed properly, can lead to infertility or pelvic inflammatory disease.


It is a sexually transmitted disease that is spread by a bacterium through vaginal, anal or oral sex . The symptoms of this pathology that, if not cured properly, can cause serious injuries, such as blindness, damage internal organs and even lead to the death of the patient are fever, hair loss, fatigue, headache and throat and weight loss, among others.


This disease is transmitted through a genital parasite and its symptoms are similar to those of a common cold . This pathology can be treated with a pharmacological therapy based on antibiotics.


Given the contagious characteristics of semen, specialists advise against ingesting it, practicing oral sex using condoms and watching for possible injuries in the mouth and genital area.

What tips should be followed to avoid these infections or risks?

If there is the certainty that sexual relations are only held with the same person and no one else, and that both are healthy, in principle there is nothing to fear.

If not, it is best to use a condom . In the case of oral sex, when giving fellatio, it is best to put on a condom, and in the case of cunnilingus, latex barriers are marketed , which can also be made by cutting the tip of a condom and cutting it lengthwise. , with which a rectangular piece of latex is obtained, or failing that, a piece of transparent food wrapping film can be used.

Is it advisable to do it with a condom, in fact, can it be done with a condom?

Indeed, you can and it is advisable to use a condom , in oral sex and in any sexual practice of mutual penetration or masturbation. There are also flavored condoms.

Is it advisable to wash the area beforehand? 

It is advisable to be as clean as possible when having any intimate contact with another person. The same thing that it is advisable to have a clean mouth when you are going to kiss. Interestingly, the mouth can have more microorganisms than the genitals.

And urinate beforehand?

The most sensible thing would be not to start an oral sex session wanting to urinate, to avoid interruptions, but it is not necessary to urinate before doing so, it is enough to maintain good personal hygiene.

Would this type of sexual practice be contraindicated in any case?

If there is the desire and ability to do so on both sides, in principle, no , if there are no previous pathologies, mobility problems, various sensitivities and the law is not violated.

Oral sex is a very common practice in sexual relations.

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