Why live a monotonous sex life when there are so many positions to enjoy sex for all tastes and pleasures?

It is important for the daily health of living together as a couple that sexuality is nourished with creativity and novelty . For this, there are thousands of options, however, sexual positions are one of the most important and spicy.

Spice up your sexual life by practicing one of the sexual positions that we show you below and let your sexuality find maximum pleasure .

– Sexual positions to enjoy sitting

To the hammock

To the hammock

The man is sitting on a hard surface with his legs bent and he is holding the back of his knees.

The woman accommodates herself in the space left between his legs and his trunk. He presses the body of her partner with his knees, bringing her closer to his.

The trapezoid

the trapezoid

The man sits with his legs spread and his partner on top of him. She is grabbed by the wrists as she falls back. The woman must be relaxed and surrendered to the force of her partner who attracts her to her body with her arms.

It is a position that requires a lot of balance from both together with the strength and skill of the man. Ideal to change the routine…

At the doma

At the doma

He sits comfortably and welcomes his partner who fits her body, sitting on top of him, letting his erect penis penetrate her.

Within sexual positions, dressage can be a path to an intense and unforgettable orgasm.

At the butcher shop

At the butcher shop

The man sits leaning his back against a large pillow, leaving his legs open and bent.

With the help of his hands, the man accommodates his partner in his erection, controlling both the rhythm and the intensity of the penetration.

Her legs rest on his shoulders. He can touch her clit while he holds her tightly around her waist.

The Ying and Yang posture

ying and yang posture

Squatting, he receives the woman, who also squats on him, the movements can imitate those of a hammock, going back and forth with the feet resting on the ground.

Another option is for him to hold still and let her move until she reaches the point of orgasm.

This is an original and funny position but it requires good muscular power and good balance.

The fusion

The fusion

In Fusion, the man sits leaning his body slightly backwards, supporting himself with his hands. His legs will be stretched or bent according to how they feel more comfortable. The woman leaves her legs next to her partner’s body and rests her arms behind her body.

Foreplay is very important in this sexual position, since during penetration this position makes major caresses and kisses difficult.

The position of the courtesan

To the courtesan

She leans against the edge of the bed or a chair.

He kneels to leave his penis at the same height as her vagina, she hugs her partner with her legs and he sets the pace of penetration.

The balance position

balance position

It is one of the most common sexual positions. The woman standing with her back to him and marking the rhythm of her supporting her feet on the ground. He, in turn, can touch her breasts, kiss her neck, and pull her partner’s hair as she moves.

– Sexual positions to enjoy standing

The wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow

Standing sexual positions are intense, a clear example is “La Carretilla”. The woman stands on the edge of the bed with her forearms supported and is lifted by the legs by the man, who, standing behind her, penetrates her holding her thighs. The man keeps up with her, pulling her body into his.

The variety of movements and sensations that the wheelbarrow’s sexual position allows is amazing: circular, ascending and descending, with her legs more closed or more open…

The union of the wolf

The Wolf Bonding Pose

This sexual position is ideal for those who like more daring sex. The man, standing up, takes the woman from behind her and penetrates her, taking her from her waist. She relaxes her entire body until she supports her hands on the ground.

The man can observe the anus, the buttocks and the back, sensual erogenous zones for many.

The suspended union

The suspended union

This is one of the sexual positions that requires more strength and concentration. The couple standing, the woman clings to the man’s back and then firmly wraps her legs around her waist while he supports her buttocks and back.

The woman can lean her back against a wall for more support.

It is an exciting sexual position but it is very athletic and difficult to maintain for a long time unless she is very light.

– Sexual positions to enjoy with her on top

At amazon

At amazon

The sexual positions with her on top are very seductive. In this sexual position, the man lets himself relax and lies on his back, with his legs slightly open, bringing his knees towards his chest.

She, who settles into a squat, adapting to the position adopted by him, slowly sitting on her partner’s penis. Her thighs will drive the up-down movement for penetration.

The swing pose

The swing

The sexual position of the swing allows a penetration when she is placed on her back and controls the movements with the help of her arms.

The man has easy access to his partner’s anus and buttocks, who can slow down her movements to enjoy anal stimulation or have her partner touch her breasts.

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