Although in recent years many taboos have been broken in this regard, the idea still persists that after the age of 60, sex is not enjoyed in the same way.

So if a person is wondering if it is normal that at 60, 70 or 80 years old they still feel like having sex with a partner, the answer is a resounding yes. It is completely normal and you can experience complete sexuality, including satisfactory intercourse, although there may be physical conditions. 

It is a fact that the passing of the years has certain consequences that occur to a greater extent. In the case of men, the erection usually takes longer to appear and the firmness is not the same. It also increases the so-called refractory time, which extends between erection and orgasm. Testosterone levels drop, ejaculations tend to be less abundant and the orgasm less intense. As for women, the decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels favor vaginal dryness due to the decrease in mucosa, so greater stimulation may be necessary to achieve arousal. There may also be morphological changes in the vagina, discomfort during penetration and a decrease in sexual desire.


What science says


Sex in older people is beneficial for overall health.

But none of this is an obstacle to enjoying a complete sexual relationship. In fact, the benefits at all levels have been scientifically proven. An example: The Journals of Gerontology magazine published a complete study on the subject in which it was analyzed how sex has an impact on the cognitive activity of people over 50 years of age. The experts, who were from Oxford and Coventry Universities in the UK, developed a questionnaire on the frequency of sexual activity among participants aged between 50 and 83 years. Those who were frequently sexually active scored higher on tests of memory and executive function. In addition, they were less likely to feel depressed and lonely.

Does sexual life influence living longer?

In this other study carried out recently at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and entitled Perceptions of sexuality in older people: a systematic review of qualitative studies, it is concluded that “older people consider sexuality as something positive and as a desire that they still want to express. Social stereotypes, the prejudices of the people with whom they live, the lack of intimacy and the association of sexuality with procreation or with marital obligation are considered barriers to the expression of their sexual desireā€.

Sex without rush or stress

Forget about the obsession with erection and intercourse


Enjoying sexuality is possible at any age.

But how can you enjoy this sexuality despite the conditions? Here are five tips that can help in this regard.

If during the sexual life of any person the obsession with intercourse and orgasm can harm more than anything else, over the years it is even worse. It is a stage in which some physical problems may arise, which is why caresses, simple skin-to-skin contact or hugs are enough reasons to enjoy.

Away with myth! Sex does not end with menopause; Rather, desire and satisfaction grow

In fact, they should be explored without the feeling that this is what is left when there is nothing else to do. Not accepting the passage of time can lead to difficulties when it comes to understanding the changes experienced by sexuality. Men, as the sexologist and psychologist Marina Castro points out, tend to become obsessed with complying, which can become a real sentence that makes the sexual relationship shipwreck. The pattern of complying perpetuates stereotypes.

Prioritize quality over quantity

The years of raising and educating children are exhausting. From this age onwards, more free time is usually enjoyed, which entails a decrease in stress. Taking into account that it is one of the causes that causes a lack of sexual desire and other dysfunctions in adults, the elderly can become a perfect stage to let go and experience sex without haste.

Habits to improve your sexual well-being: what to do if you don’t enjoy sex

Although medical advances and active aging make it possible to enjoy old age in optimal health conditions, it must not be forgotten that at certain ages, such as the 70s or 80s, it may be relatively normal to present pathologies or physical disorders that prevent somehow a sexual relation as it is conceived socially. It is then that sometimes we tend to fall into reproach, especially when the problem is exclusively one of the members of the couple. Understanding and communication in this regard are essential. It is better to assume that quality is better than quantity and that moments are not measured by results but by the satisfaction of every minute.

Work self esteem

See a specialist when needed


Viagra helps fight erectile dysfunction, but only for a few hours.

Some of the physical conditions that usually occur at these ages have a solution. For example, with the vaginal laser, good results are obtained in the case of dryness caused by decreased levels of female hormones. And there are also treatments for the reduction of testosterone levels and the lack of sexual desire in men, as well as erection difficulties. Consulting with the specialist is an essential step to solve these setbacks in a safe way.

How to take advantage of each stage of sexuality, whether you are 20, 30 or 70 years old

The cult of the body and the image that floods our society is responsible for many men and women feeling unattractive after a certain age. This, according to experts, has a considerable impact on the interest of women and men towards sex. Fostering communication between the couple, working on self-esteem individually and making the couple see the sexual interest that arouses, is essential at this stage of life.

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