Masturbation, fellatio, penetration and all kinds of intimacy: many are the famous men and women who have been caught red-handed while having sex like there was no tomorrow.

From the most homeland, such as Olvido Hormigos or Leticia Sabater to the international stars of the moment such as Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. And it doesn’t matter if while they were doing it they screamed to heaven or if they hacked their phones, the reality is that sex sells and none of their careers have been harmed.

In today’s post we are going to leave you a spectacular TOP 7 of the famous men and women who have been caught having sex. Enjoy it!

7. Ana Obregon and Miki Molina

We started off strong, because those who are a few years old will undoubtedly remember the cover of the magazine “Sorpresa” starring those who were then actors of the mythical series “Ana y los Siete”: Ana Obregón and Miki Molina. In the images the two appeared inside a car giving everything. And Anita is small, how much passion!

The actress, biologist and a lot of other things, however, did not take this theft of her privacy too well and decided to sue the magazine. In the end, she won and pocketed 30,000 euros, but the images of her remained there forever as a gift for thousands of her fans.TOP 7 Celebrities caught having sex3

6. The Brandy Ledford Trio

Brandy Ledford is a gorgeous Penthouse girl who became famous for her appearances on television in series like “Baywatch” or “Stargate Atlantis.” However, on TV she never gave as much play as in that home video of more than half an hour that she filmed together with a porn actress and a long-haired singer.

Of course, as soon as it was leaked, the Internet took it upon himself to spread it virally, and before long the whole world was aware of Brandy’s adventures. And it is that the video is not wasted and leaves us to remember some memorable scenes, like the one that is marked with the vibrator. Great!

5. Antonio Canales´s fellation

We return as the one who does not want the thing to national lands to talk about the catch of Antonio Canales. It happened in August 2011, when a TV program showed a series of images in which the dancer was seen performing oral sex on a man on the beach in Sitges, in Barcelona.

In this case, the artist did not take the thing well and even appeared on TV crying and remorseful (although he did not have to, he had not done anything wrong, just something good in public) and also the program that broadcast the photographs was canceled within a few weeks. The curse of fellatio without a doubt.TOP 7 Celebrities caught having sex44

4. Leticia Sabater and her boyfriend

Here we will never be completely sure if it really was stolen sex or staged sex and knowing the peculiarities of our protagonist, nothing is ruled out. Be that as it may, in 2007 the former presenter of children’s programs (a lot of action!), Singer, showman and much more appeared in some aquatic images giving oral sex to her boyfriend.

But the thing is not clear, since her alleged boy mysteriously disappeared from the map while she took her private tour of television and took a good little money. If you can’t find this material on the Internet, try watching a music video of one of her latest songs, not that it makes much of a difference.

3. Kim Kardashian and Ray J.

We are facing one of the most epic catches in all of history and that convulsed the foundations of the pink world. And it is that the television star Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, the rapper Ray J., had the happy idea in 2006 of recording themselves having sex in a rather wild and explicit way.

The video leaked on the Internet, boy did it! and everyone was able to grab popcorn or whatever and enjoy the show in a big way. And what happened to the voluptuous Kim Kardashian? Well, as we said at the beginning of this post, sex sells. And she sold her image very well after this, getting her own reality show of hers and getting the whole family to work in the TV industry along the way.TOP 7 Celebrities caught having sex

2. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson is a pioneer in this matter of celebrities recording themselves having sex and her mythical video with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is her letter of introduction. It was possibly the first time that material of this type was seen circulating on the net and that was a revolution, because it was possibly the most popular celebrity couple of the moment.

But Pamela was left wanting more and years later she starred in another series of home videos making out with Rick Salomon and John Rose, although of course, they didn’t have half the impact of the previous one. But they are appreciated anyway!

1. Paris Hilton

The heiress to the Hilton fortune seems to want to be into homemade porn as well. What does this girl do? Well, going to parties, buying clothes, starring in a reality show in which he looks for his new best friend.

The first video was very famous and possibly Paris got the relevance and popularity he was looking for, so he shouldn’t have cared too much. But for her family, rich and uptight as hell, her publication was a blow to her honor. In fact, her grandmother took it so badly that she suddenly disowned her.TOP 7 Celebrities caught having sex2And here is today’s entry, where we have reviewed our particular TOP 7 of famous men and women who have been caught having sex. We hope you enjoyed it and without further ado we say goodbye wishing you a happy Christmas Eve in the company of the most intense pleasure. Until next time!

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