Through imagination, women experience an explosion of brain activity, resulting in more powerful orgasms. Discover which are the most used fantasies and how much they contribute to your sexual life.

Imagination is a powerful weapon. So much so that it even has more power over our sex lives than our own partners. How? This was verified by two studies: the first, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, where they observed what happens to the female brain when a woman masturbates helped by her fantasies. The second, meanwhile, from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, examined how being sexually stimulated by her partner affects a woman.

The result was revealing: the first women experienced an explosion of activity in about 30 areas of the brain, including the orbitofrontal cortex, where sexual fantasies occur, while the second, stimulated by their partners, showed that this cortex was leaving ” turning off” as they neared the climax, reported

The benefits of using your imagination

These results make it clear that the more brain activity occurs, the more intense the orgasm is, so fantasies would be essential when it comes to achieving more powerful explosions of pleasure.

But how to enhance them? What are the most common and easiest to replicate? The first thing is not to feel guilty for letting your imagination run wild. “Fantasies tend to occur in people with the healthiest sexual lives” , indicates a study carried out by Dr. Harold Leitenberg of the University of Vermont and replicated by the Hispanic website of Cosmopolitan, so the first step is to free yourself from complexes.“Indulging in these types of thoughts is not only a good way to get excited those times when mere contact is not enough, but also an excellent way to prepare ourselves for sex, enhance desire and pleasure, and thus increase the intensity of our orgasms” , explains Julia Hernández, psychologist and therapist from the same online site.

The second thing is to define if the fantasies will remain only in your head, and will intensify your orgasm, or if you will share them with your partner. “During the act, these thoughts can stay in your mind or be shared with him,” says Hernández, adding that, if told, you can “confess what excites you so much about an experience you had or things you would like him to do to you and that they have never experimented together” , such as daring to incorporate sex toys into their preview.

From your head to practice

Throwing yourself into a fantasy is not easy, but it will bring you numerous benefits. Therefore, if you don’t have any in mind, we’ll tell you that the site compiled the most popular female and male fantasies. Do you dare to bring to reality any?

Favorite fantasies of theirs

Have a threesome

One of the most classic. The ménage à trois is always spinning in the heads of the males, who fantasize about having two girls in bed.


The misbehaving student or the sexy nurse who improves any symptom are just some of the roles he fantasizes about.


Peeking while your partner touches himself  is the third fantasy in this popularity ranking compiled by

Get caught red-handed

Do it in the bathroom of a disco or on a beach full of people. The sensation of sex in public is another of the recurring dreams. The best? “If it stays only in fantasy, you won’t have to worry about being arrested or a scandal from your neighbors,” they say on the El Confidencial website, where they also analyze the count.

Sex in exotic places

Following the previous line, they fantasize about doing it not only in public, but also in rare places, the furthest away from the marriage bed. Thus, a carousel, an airplane or an elevator are just some of the spaces where they imagine themselves with you.

Favorite fantasies of them

Be a stripper for one night

The dancer who gets naked in front of her audience is one of the favorite role-playing games for women. Dare and be observed in a pipe, for example, is what turns them on the most, according to the compilation of

Sex with another woman

Maybe it’s not something you would talk about with your friends, but most women fantasize about someone of the same sex. “It can be interesting to imagine a type of sex that you have never had or visualize something that you are interested in trying,” they point out in El Confidencial.


The perfect counterpart to their voyeurism. While men like to watch, women like to be admired.

Dominate and be dominated

“50 Shades of Grey” marked several, who fantasize that a Christian dominates them or they take control of the relationship.

Sex with a stranger

“The common fantasy of sex with a stranger allows women to feel the tension of having anonymous sex, without the real risks that this could entail.”

And you, do you dare to put any of these fantasies into practice?

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