As with other sex products, the variety of sex toys can be a bit overwhelming, so the most important thing to start with is to be clear about what you want to try or what you want to try as a couple. There are toys that can be used both alone and with a partner, such as vibrators and stimulators, and others that are more suitable for solo use, such as masturbators or clitoral suckers.

Another thing that should be known when choosing a sex toy is that you do not always have to opt for very complicated objects, there are some essential erotic items that you can add to the list without complicating things too much. But let’s start at the beginning, among the most popular sex toys we can find the following:

Vibrators and stimulators

This is a very common alternative that can be found in many sizes and with different functionalities. Using a vibrator can provide exciting sensations alone or with a partner, offering new ways to reach orgasm and facilitate climax. Despite this, it is very common to assume that vibrators are only to please women.

It is true that there are some of these toys that are specially designed to fit the female body. However, there are many others that can be used for both female and male pleasure, as well as anal stimulation. In addition, there are an increasing number of products on the market specifically designed to be used by couples in order to give pleasure to both.

In our range you will find two different options, such as Durex Intense Pure Fantasy, designed to give you sensual pleasure thanks to its multi-speed control to easily regulate the intensity, or Durex Intense Pure Pleasure, a small and discreet sensual stimulator with intense vibrations, silent for maximum discretion and uninterrupted pleasure.

Penis rings

The penis ring is a very easy sex toy to use and to incorporate into sexual relations, and although it is placed directly on the penis, the result it offers serves to please both people in the couple, as it helps to maintain erection for longer, increasing enjoyment. It simply has to be placed at the base of the penis to get its full benefits.

Don’t know exactly how to use it or how it works? In our article How to use a penis ring we explain it to you.

Vibrating rings

Its operation and use is the same as a conventional penis ring, it is placed at the base of the penis to improve erection, but they also have a vibrating clitoral stimulator, designed to give women more pleasure during penetration, so In this way, both people can enjoy a very exciting encounter. In our range you can find Durex Intense Imp, with a vibrating stimulator designed to provide up to 20 minutes of exciting clitoral stimulation.

Male masturbators and clitoral suckers

If you are thinking of choosing a sex toy to enjoy alone, then there is no doubt that male masturbators and clitoral suckers are the best alternatives, as they are designed to increase pleasure during masturbation, elevating this experience much more.

In addition, there is a wide list of sexual products or erotic articles that you can also use to make sex much more intense and fun, for example:

  • Flavored lubricants or lubricants with effects, these will help you get out of the routine to enjoy sweet and tasty oral sex, or more intense sex with sensations of heat, coolness or tingling. This is the case of our Durex Fresa or Durex Cherry, Durex Frescor or Durex Calor lubricants. To try them is to want to repeat!
  • Massage gels: another very good option is to raise the temperature of sex with a sensual (and sexual) massage. Thanks to the Durex Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera, Durex Massage 2 in 1 Ylang Ylang or Durex Massage 2 in 1 Guarana range, you can include a massage with a happy ending in your repertoire and make foreplay the bomb thanks to this lubricating gel.
  • Flavored condoms: another option to spice up oral sex and make the encounter a lot of fun. Using a condom is simple, but adding flavor to it can make the experience new and different.
  • Erotic lingerie: a classic that never goes out of style! There is no need to get too complicated, erotic lingerie is always perfect to make that sexual encounter go from average to super exciting.

You already know what’s available, but don’t know how to bring it up with your partner to start using sex toys? Put the following tips into practice and achieve it successfully.

Bring it up first

Talking about sex with your partner should become something normal for both of you, so take the first step and tell him that you would like to incorporate some sex toys into your intimacy. Start with something simple that can be pleasurable to both of you, and tell him how much you would like to try it together.

Surely the conversation will leave the other person wanting to make that fantasy you have come true and please you.

Use technology to break the ice

If talking face to face about sex toys isn’t your thing, consider texting or emailing him with a link to a blog or article about vibrators and asking “what do you think of this?”

You can also send him the link to our catalog of vibrators and sex toys with the phrase “Want to pick something spicy from here to spend a good weekend together?”.

Once you’ve broken the ice and given your partner time to reflect and prepare for the conversation, you’ll both feel more comfortable talking things through in more detail.

Make the idea very exciting

We are visual beings, especially when it comes to sex. Therefore, you can use this to your advantage while you are warming up for a moment of passion. Tell him specifically what toy you would use, how and when you would use it, and give him tools so that he can visualize the moment. Surely the next time you bring up the subject, your partner will be more open to trying this new experience.

Say yes to online shopping!

Many times the problem is not to start using sex toys but to have the courage to go buy them. For the most timid, there is nothing like online stores.

Whether you want to buy condoms, lubricants or any of our sex toys, everything you order from is delivered discreetly in a package that does not bear any brand identification. So, if you feel like trying a toy, you can buy it without being embarrassed that others may know what you just bought.

What do you think of these suggestions on how to start using sex toys? Dare to put them into practice and give free rein to your fantasies.

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