Do you want to know what the fantasies are most common sexual behaviors among the female audience? Are you curious to know more about the dark world that lies behind our heated imagination?

Well, don’t miss this article where I will reveal all the secrets about the most common sexual fantasies of women.   Uhhh! Things get hot!

In our previous article we resolved some of the most frequent doubts that come to our office about sexual fantasies. Here’s the link , so you don’t miss any information.

On this occasion, we will delve into the depths of the female mind, to investigate what are the most common sexual fantasies in women, although before we get down to business, I would like to clarify a few things regarding the world of sexual fantasies:

Clarifying myths

1. The first clarification is that fantasies connect us directly with our sexual desire. If you want to boost it, here is a super accessible, free and unlimited tool.

2. The second clarification is that fantasy is one thing and reality is another. And between one and the other is our conscious control. Although it is true that to undertake a new sexual practice it is interesting to have previously fantasized about it, as a kind of “mental training”, this does not imply the opposite. That is to say, that you fantasize about something does not mean that you want to bring it to reality. What’s more, it can be very stimulating in your mind and not at all in reality, since in your imagination you control everything and you are the director of your film, and in reality, it is not like that. So lose your fear of fantasies and give free rein to your imagination!

3. The third clarification is that fantasies can be a great way to enrich your sexual life, and if you have a partner, a wonderful formula to add salt and pepper to your relationships and get out of monotony.

4. And the fourth and last clarification is that… the imagination is trained! The more you fantasize, the easier it will be for you to do so. And… this hooks! Also, try to do it with all your senses, the more details you include, the better, so your brain will make you feel the same sensations that you would experience in reality. A luxury within everyone’s reach.

Well, now that these clarifications have been made, let’s get down to business! Here is the top 5 in the most frequent female sexual fantasies.

The 5 most common sexual fantasies of a woman

1. Being dominated: this classic never goes out of style and has become popular since the advent of erotic novels and movies on this subject. From the ties and immobilizations to the hardest sadomaso, going through the struggles, this fantasy is one of the most recurring. Another more “light” option, but which shares certain characteristics with domination, is to have relationships with an authority figure: a teacher, your boss, a policeman… How would you like to let yourself be carried away by that sexy secretary role, or a student? “Seductive Lolita” type?… The opposite fantasy of being dominated is also common among women, that is, being the “Dominatrix” of your movie, and that your submissive surrenders at your feet.

2. Sex with another woman : Regardless of your sexual orientation, it is very common to fantasize about another woman. Lesbian sex arouses a lot of curiosity and curiosity in us.

3. Sex with a stranger or sex with a famous person: who hasn’t fantasized about being seduced by Thor, the naivety of Brad Pitt, or the charm of Ryan Reynolds? Or perhaps an encounter with the waiter at the cafeteria, or the man you rode in the elevator with at your office this morning? A thousand and one possibilities to develop your sexual creativity!

4. Sex with more than one person: whether it’s a threesome, swingers, or an orgy, sex with more than one person is a classic in the world of fantasies, both male and female. It can be a previous step before putting it into practice, although one thing does not imply the other. If you decide to turn this fantasy into reality, keep two things in mind: safety in sexual practices (sexually transmitted infections are a reality, even if it weighs us down), and communication: agree with your partner in advance on the limits in which You will both feel comfortable.

5. Sex in a public place : on the beach, in a park, in a store fitting room, in the cinema, in a public bathroom, in the sea or in the pool… That thing about being caught turns us on! And in fantasy we can do it without taking risks.

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