Fetishes and   sexual  fantasies  have always been  more common than it might seem at first . Years ago it was a taboo subject and it was not discussed openly, but throughout life there has been a high percentage of people who use physical objects, costumes or unusual situations as a way to become sexually aroused.

Currently, however, there is more talk, as  more and more people openly declare themselves lovers of fetishes and sexual fantasies , although not all of them take the step of trying them for fear of what their partner thinks or because they have not done so. the occasion arise. Worldwide, specifically, that happens, as detailed in a recent Gleeden survey of more than 16,000 people in our country.

Thus,  the majority of people (60%) have fantasies  or some kind of fetish, and 86% are open to it, compared to 14% who prefer traditional sex. Despite this,  only 9% have seen all their sexual fantasies fulfilled , compared to 67% who have carried out some. Curiously, 21% affirm that the reason for not having fulfilled all their fantasies is  because they have not found the ideal partner for it .

The three sexual fantasies that you should not carry out with your partner

But what happens if we have a partner and we want to put into practice some sexual fantasy? Well, if we don’t want to break the relationship, we better choose them well . Relationship expert Tracey Cox has determined in her Daily Mail section which are the things we should never do with our love (if we don’t want them to leave us).

1) Have a threesome or have group sex

Although having a threesome and having group sex are two of the most common sexual fantasies, the sex therapist strongly discourages them from being carried out with our partner .

« Seeing your partner having sex with another person is shocking : even if you enjoy it, it is very strange at first. Men often feel pressured to perform, so they can’t even get a boner, or get upset if their girlfriend enjoys it too much,” says Cox, adding that “the consequences can be fatal if treated of a couple in love , especially if either of them is possessive or jealous.”sexual fantasiesSexual fantasies are more common than they seem. 

2) I go to a club or a sex party

More and more people have this fantasy, especially those who live in big cities, where the offer is wide (if the market is known).

As Cox says, ” Visiting a sex club is a great way to indulge same-sex fantasies and voyeurism, and if one is considering a threesome or any kind of group sex, this can be an easy way to make it happen”.

However, when we talk about couples, they are only recommended for those whose members are very self-confident and confident in their relationship . “Anyone who has problems with her physique or who feels sexually inferior in any way should not go,” he says.

If you still want to try it, the expert recommends that on the first visit you do not have sexual contact with anyone , and that you simply assess how you have felt when you leave and if you want to try it the next time.Sex is not in quarantine, is it?: erotic tension loses strength in couple confinement |  Further |  The Goal |  Exclusive news and free open opinionsSeeing your partner with another person is one of the most dangerous sexual fantasies.

3) Games of domination and BDSM (sometimes yes)

In third place, and halfway between recommendable and not to do as a couple, is the sexual fantasy of BDSM, whose acronyms respond to  bondage  (tying and letting yourself be tied),  dominationsadism and masochism .The two most common sexual fantasies of the Spanish, finally revealed“If your partner agrees to explore this sexual fantasy with you and you both do it little by little, the risk of damaging the relationship is very low. Spanking and tying each other can be a good way to start », says the therapist. But if, on the contrary, you start to practice it in a rough way, your relationship can be in danger.

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