Cyber ​​sex means getting turned on (even reaching orgasm) through an online conversation with someone, be it by email, phone, webcam or chat.

How much you enjoy cybersex depends on how well you and your partner describe their actions. Or how well they both act, if they use a webcam. Cyber ​​sex is not physical penetration; you get turned on by someone’s words, her voice, or by seeing it on video . It can be a great way to connect with someone long distance and discover just how much pleasure your imagination holds.

With whom?

You can have cybersex with your partner, a sex server on the phone, or with a stranger you just met online. You can do it anonymously, or with someone you know and trust.

Cyber ​​webcam sex can be a fun way for you and your partner to have sex in a long distance relationship, but only do it if you really want to. Never let anyone trick you into doing it, and never do anything you’re not comfortable doing in front of a webcam .

If you enjoy it, it can bring you closeness and make it easier for them to be away. But if you don’t enjoy it, be honest and tell your partner that it’s not for you. If he loves you, he will respect your decision.

Don’t make promises you plan to break. Maybe you feel more free when you chat on the internet and say things that you wouldn’t say face to face. It’s great, and that openness when speaking can give you a lot of confidence. Just make sure that the things you say online are also true when you’re offline.

Why cyber sex?

It’s important to be safe when having fun online, but despite all the warnings, cybersex is pretty safe: there are no STDs or unwanted pregnancies , and you can do it from your own home. Here are some reasons to be encouraged to try it:

  • If you’re in a long-distance relationship or have to be apart for a while, it’s a great way to spice up your sex life.
  • And it’s not just for couples! Singles try cybersex for casual sex, an orgasm on demand, an outlet for their fetishes, to meet new people, or just for fun. You can meet someone new daily, or keep chatting with the same person.
  • The limit is your imagination. You can perform any fantasy online. Maybe you want to play the role of your opposite gender for once? Or do you want to play that you are something different that in real life would be impossible? On the Internet you can try them. It’s a great way to get creative, and to practice dirty talking before trying it in bed.
  • It can make you feel good about yourself. Hearing someone say you’re sexy boosts your self-esteem a lot.

So why have cybersex? The best reason: because it’s fun, because you want to and because you enjoy it.

Some extra tips:

  • If you’ve been flirting with someone online but want to end it, be honest and tell them. And if it keeps bothering you, you can block it. You can even block anyone who sends you messages that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Text-based cybersex is the safest, because you can remain anonymous. If you use a webcam or send photos to someone you don’t know well, you should be more cautious. It’s always good to be sure your face isn’t seen – there’s always a chance your face could end up online.
  • If you find a photo of yourself online, the first thing you should do is try to get your photo removed. Submit a request to the website administrator. If you are under 18, the photo is child pornography and it is illegal for it to be on the Internet. Depending on where you live, if it gives you confidence, you might report it to the police. That said, depending on the country where you live, they may be able to help you get it removed, even if you don’t want to press charges.


If you put something sexual in your text messages, you’re already sexting! Sexting means sending sexually explicit messages or photos , whether from your phone, email, or on social media.

Sexting can be a lot of fun and a great way to flirt. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, a photo can remind your partner how sexy you are, or you can send him a cheeky message while he’s working. This can increase your confidence and improve your relationship.

Sexting carries the same risks as cybersex, so be careful.

Five things to remember:

  • Your photo might not stay private: someone else might see it too.
  • Once in cyberspace, you can’t get it back. It could appear where you don’t expect it.
  • If you don’t want to send anything, don’t!
  • Make sure the receiver understands the meaning of the text. You could send it as a joke, but the other person could misinterpret it.
  • You never really remain anonymous.

Don’t let the risks of sexting discourage you, just think carefully about what you’re sending and who you’re sending it to. 

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