The new normality will bring with it a multitude of changes in the different aspects of our lives. Yes, also in the sexual field… It had to be said and it was said!

The fact that the coronavirus is transmitted through saliva means that sporadic relationships become a risk of contagion. In the event that your sexual partner only sleeps with you, you do not have to worry.

It is logical that the long weeks of forced confinement have ended up saturating you, to the point that having sex at home is starting to tire you out. It is clear, you need a dose of curiosity and emotion. Places, far from those four walls, where to do it and make the experience memorable, an epic win.

If the cinema is your source of inspiration, since the adrenaline of the characters leading them to have sex in unsuspected corners triggers your libido levels, you have to know that reality is totally different and the idea of ​​following their example is not always a good one. decision. At Yasss, we reveal all those places where fulfilling your sexual fantasy can end in drama.

Public places

Perhaps making out in outdoor places -parks, beaches, forests, industrial estates…- you find it most morbid. It certainly is, but keep in mind that the risk of being caught and its consequences is also present.

A horny man can lead you to have sex in these scenarios, moments in which you stop thinking clearly and the only thing that worries you is enjoying yourself to the fullest. But suddenly a police officer appears out of nowhere and… Now what?

Although the Police is not your only problem, since there are the stalkers who will be delighted to enjoy the show, hidden in the bushes, and even record it to view it privately and/or broadcast it . And thieves or robbers, who will take advantage of the distraction to rob you or force you to hand over your belongings.

So, don’t be surprised if you appear on some kind of pornographic website starring in a video labeled as: ‘Spanish couple having sex in public’ -to the point of spreading through WhatsApp and reaching your contacts-, or you return home without your belongings .

Covered places

Another outdoor alternative is a sheltered location, but one that is not without risk: changing rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms or elevators are the most in demand among lovers of morbidity.

It is true that here a member of the Police is not going to make you angry, but any other person who is nearby or breaks in by surprise. The humiliation will multiply in the event that the stranger, aware of what is happening behind that door, appears with a mobile phone in hand to record the scene and again to a pornographic page or to go viral on social networks.To this you have to add how uncomfortable these places can be due to their reduced space , -forcing you to have sex standing up and in silence- and the danger they entail, because a small slip can make you lose your balance and injure yourself in the wrong way. more ridiculous. Not to mention the filth that public restrooms house, if you think about the number of people who pass through there to relieve themselves and take a close look at the remains, you might rule out the hot encounter altogether .

Abandoned places

There are many who decide to go to an abandoned house or factory to roll up. Gloomy and bleak sites that are sometimes accompanied by paranormal legends.

In the cinema, when the protagonists make this decision, it usually ends in drama and in life, one way or another, too. Keep in mind that these buildings are full of waste, rubble or broken glass and a bad footstep will lead you directly to landing on one of these elements and cutting yourself -with its consequent infection- or, in the worst case, fracturing a bone .Sometimes, abandoned places tend to serve as a refuge for drug addicts or homeless people who, although they don’t have to, can threaten you so that you give them money or what you have on you. And if not, you will be scared by the encounter anyway.

As for the strange events that you can witness, we have no proof, but we do not doubt either. Whether by suggestion or because they have actually been the scene of a tragedy, these constructions are usually surrounded by a strange, rather creepy atmosphere. If so, it is not highly recommended to witness a paranormal experience while you are in the middle of the sexual act.

If you find it impossible to do it at home -or your partner’s- or you are an adrenaline lover, there is a website that compiles riding halls from all the cities in the country: The most curious thing is that the users who frequent these areas write their particular reviews and recommendations with great detail and even rate them . We have already warned you of the risks that these corners entail… Now it is in your hands whether to frequent them or not.

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