The word sadomasochism is a portmanteau of the terms sadism and masochism. It is one of the oldest behavioral expressions, which seeks to experience pleasure through pain.

Sadism is obtaining pleasure by performing acts of cruelty or dominance, and masochism is obtaining pleasure by being a victim of them.

Although it has always existed, this practice has been all the rage since last year due to the impact caused by the movie 50 Shades of Gray (if you haven’t seen it, surely your girlfriend has and knows it all). And although in ancient times it was considered a paraphilia, today it is one of the practices most implemented by couples to get out of the routine and make sex an even more pleasant experience.

If this practice catches your attention, read the following questions carefully and put it into practice with your partner. You sure won’t be disappointed.

Should roles be assumed in practice?

Yes. Generally there are two roles: the dominated or submissive, who is the one who prefers masochistic experiences, and the dominant or ‘owner’, who is the one who practices sadism. The most experienced couples are based on the principles of BDSM culture (Bondage and Discipline; Domination and Submission; Sadism and Masochism), and for this reason they establish these roles from the beginning and assume them in all their sexual practices. However, couples who only implement the practice in search of new experiences rotate the role within sexual activity, many times spontaneously, without being aware of it.

Should you dress up to assume the role?

Not necessarily, it depends a lot on the couple’s imagination and how far they are willing to be taken by it. However, they should know that erotic lingerie gives practice a rather voyeuristic plus.

Must it hurt?

You are the one who establishes the intensity of pain you want to experience, the pleasant sensation produced by pain is different in each person, so it is the person immersed in the practice who really decides if it should hurt or not.

What sex toys can I use?

This depends a lot on the experience you have in implementing them and what you intend to experience as a couple. However, the most implemented sex toys within the practice are: masks, handcuffs, chains, nipple clamps, gags, ropes, whips and whips. Try using them, you’ll get the hang of it over time and you’ll see that the experience is much better.

Are there places dedicated solely and explosively to the development of the practice?

Currently there are private clubs dedicated exclusively to the development of this type of practice, they have all the required sexual safety and hygiene elements, as well as rooms furnished with the necessary equipment. But if what you want is an approach to sadomasochism to get to know it, meetings are also established under this theme: parties, workshops, talks, initiations, almost all of them in charge of the BDSM Colombia Corporation.

What are the most developed practices in the enjoyment of sadomasochism?

All sexual practices can have a sadomasochistic touch and according to the preferences of each couple. In any case, the sadomasochistic experience proposes some activities that are almost unique in its performance, among which the following stand out: Sensory deprivation, based on the premise of “Not seeing or hearing increases body sensitivity”; immobilization, which does not necessarily imply inflicting pain, it is enough to make your partner feel the sensation of not being able to free himself; and lashes, which must learn to be given, since a strong and poorly delivered blow can cause health problems for the person who receives it.

Are there any safety regulations that I must take into account when practicing sadomasochism?

Each practice has a security protocol: for example, you wouldn’t want to be tied to a cot during an earthquake, would you? That’s what agreements or contracts exist for, that is, make it clear what you like and what you don’t like and give your word to the other that he will comply with the agreement. The security practice plus “safety word”, that is, a kind of password established by the couple that once said, the roles must immediately be stopped, especially that of the dominant, that is, they cannot continue to exert pain on their partner, because this one will not tolerate it anymore.

But how so? Do I have to sign a contract to do sadomasochism?

Not unless you and your partner are already immersed in the BDSM culture and sadomasochism is part of all your sexual practices. The contract, which can be found on any sadomasochistic-themed page on the internet, is implemented to agree on the rights and duties that should be appropriated within the preferred role, as well as to make explicit the things that you are not willing to do or do not tolerate. . The safety practices that must be taught during the practice and the punishments that will be carried out.

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